I know how tedious it is to choose the Best Web Hosting Providers, so I did thorough research on all the Best web Hosting Provider available today and created the Besthosts portal. The BestHosts portal will provide you a complete and independent directory of web hosting providers with reviews from webmasters point of view. In this directory you will find a refined selection of the most Reliable Web Hosting companies in the market. Read through the reviews, check uptime and performance reports so you can make an informed choice of web hosting company for your website. This directory will present the list of the Top Competitors in the Hosting Industry providing the Web Hosting Program under various platform

Visit: for more information..

Also here is my tip on How to Choose the Web Host with the Most !!!

Happy Web Hosting..

  1. lx_will says:

    Really loved the list of Hosting Providers..

  2. Jacob Nelson says:

    Hi Ravi Kanth…

    This is a nice collection of webhosting companies.

    I was searching for these kind of lists.

    Do You or your friends have any hosting experiences with the listed companies.

    Also, I suggest you to make a list of “Top 10 Fraudulent Hosting Companies” so that customers can Stay Away from them.

    I can suggest two bad hosting companies.


    They will offer several things in there hosting plans, which makes the feeling that, all these extra features are included with the hosting package and once we sign up with them we have to pay separately for these features.

    For example, they say, 100 emails included in the Economy plan, but the reality is, the users will get only one email id and we have to buy another email plan to make use of the rest of the 99 email ids.

    More over, godaddy is an expensive web hosting company.


    These guys won’t answer to the tickets, will not solve the problems on time, they don’t have a phone number to call, they won’t keep the back up of files, more over, they don’t have a facility to cancel the account.

    I had very bad experiences with both these companies…

  3. Ravi says:

    hi Jacob,

    Thanks for your detailed comment and fine suggestion. I have never experienced Datapacket, but I can say lot on Godaddy, foremost the perception of web hosting by itself varies from person to person, I have helped numerous folks in setting up there hosting and domain accounts. I have many of my folks hosting under godaddy with minimal complains, so not such a bad host but none the list when it comes to Web Hosting people always suffer in many ways since there hosting needs foremost are not well defined..

    You can check my very first blog on choosing the right host
    (, I will not say this will satisfy all, but will most by foremost understanding our own needs first and what exactly kind of hosting we are looking for. As far as the suggestion I am planning to update those list with top 10 free hosting sites, that can help lot of folks who can’t afford cost based web hosting. So check back on that..

    Have a Great time..

    Ravi Kanth

  4. Untvmajr says:

    I like Hostgator.

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