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Youtube Ads SUCK Big Time..

Posted: August 22, 2014 in All Categories

Youtube your Ads SUCKS

Youtube Ads are obnoxious, loud, interferes in the youtube expected experience, everyone understand YouTube is a advertising revenue financed site, FREE for you to use but that doesn’t mean you are bombarded with more ads than the videos you watch on it, there are even overlay videos which even stop to you enjoy a video in full..WTH

It’s when advertising interrupts your common everyday vlog that gets to me. That’s the fault of the Partner program and YouTube’s current ad revenue model, though. Instead of allowing users to pay to have ads removed, people agree to have ads on their videos in exchange for being paid.

Adverts before the video wouldn’t be so bad.

But when an advert OVERLAYS the video you want to watch, several seconds AFTER the video starts, that ruins the continuity of the video itself. I want to watch it from beginning to end without being interrupted part way through with an advert for something. Weren’t the ads AROUND the video enough?

It’s seems just greed that everyone now a days agree with and the result of Google gaining a very dominant position on the Internet’s resources.

I would suggest using Bing instead. It’s NOT nearly as ugly, cluttered and VERY old like Google YouTube.

Actually Bing videos are clean, unobstructed and very beautiful. Best of all Micosoft is NOT interested in stealing EVERY ounce of your personal information for use of their service.. GOOGLE you score a pea in this area don’t just screw user experience..

Youtube has started placing advertisement into the system, it doesn’t seem to be voluntary, it’s forced view. We all understand the need for advertising, but I don’t like having to watch a thirty second commercial for every 1 minute clip I want to watch 😦 What you are going to see slowly is the quality of service going down while ads increase. Ads will increase so much it will become annoying to even be on YouTube just like watching cable..