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Orkut Shutdown

The once upon a time famour social networking site Orkut which was later taken over by Google is Shutting down and yes you heard it right. Google said its “first foray into social networking,” to focus on YouTube, Blogger, and Google+ services that have proven more popular

Orkut was the result of a “20 per cent project” in which Google workers got to spend a fifth of their time on ideas not necessarily related to their job responsibilities, this is half true but anywaz Google really didn’t make huge profits with the buyout as such. Orkut proved particularly popular in Brazil, where two years ago it was eclipsed by social networking powerhouse Facebook. Google launched its Google+ social network in 2011 and has been slowly weaving it into other services.

This is a big news to other social networking site offcourse Facebook which is going to gain some good traction in countries like India, Brazil and more.. If not big atleast few 100 thousands of new users spilling out there considering the over engineered google plus..

So RIP Orkut.. Its through Orkut that many started ther social networking journey; but sadly it could not compete with Facebook.

What does happiness mean to you? Well Forbest as come up with the list of the World’s happiest countries

 The darker a country, the happier its inhabitants.

The darker a country, the happier its inhabitants.

The World’s Happiest Countries:

1. Norway
2. Denmark
3. Sweden
4. Australia
5. New Zealand
6. Canada
7. Finland
8. The Netherlands
9. Switzerland
10. Ireland

Well they have also listed World’s Saddest Countries. Well check for yourself @

Well did you know Happy Planet Index (HPI) is an index of human well-being and environmental impact that was introduced by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) in July 2006. The index is designed to challenge well-established indices of countries’ development, such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the Human Development Index(HDI), which are seen as not taking sustainability into account. In particular, GDP is seen as inappropriate, as the usual ultimate aim of most people is not to be rich, but to be happy and healthy. Furthermore, it is believed that the notion of sustainable development requires a measure of the environmental costs of pursuing those goals.

Well what does Happiness means to you which country do u think is the most Happiest

Uploading copyrighted material is not a fundamental necessity of humans, are they doing it right by not allowing protected materials from being publishes on YouTube. It’s like coming to your house, stealing your 40″ LCD TV and sell it right after…

Well “It would be more like coming to your house, disassembling your tv, engineering an exact copy, reassembling your tv, leaving with the copy, then using that copy for themselves, without any actual loss of property to you.

The argument that “internet piracy” is theft hinges on the belief that every “illegal” copy is a lost sale. But plenty enough “pirates” download for testing purposes then buy a copy to support the creators they like. Others simply can’t afford it. No sales are lost in either case” not sure how many agree with that..

Tell the world’s governments you support a free and open web at
Starting December 3rd, the world’s governments are meeting behind closed doors at the ITU to discuss the future of the Internet. Some governments want to use this meeting in Dubai to increase censorship and regulate the Internet.

Add Your Voice to Keep the Internet #freeandopen @

Then spread the word with #freeandopen.


It is ours and it is free.
A free and open world depends on a free and open web.
And a free and open web depends on me.