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As we all know Apple is the largest and most successful technology company in the world today with all its swanky products, but any idea that did it realyy create all those ideas folded into its shiny gadgets, or did it beg, borrow and steal them? the answer offcourse is all of the above this infographic leaves out all of Apple’s original creations. Which products or characteristics do you think Apple can claim sole responsibility for?

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Felix Baumgartner the Austrian skydiver making his second attempt at the world-record breaking 23-mile free fall wow thats impressive from space Sunday morning at 11:15 ET  and you can watch it live. After a 3-hour ascent to 120,000 feet,  Baumgartner will take only 10 minutes to complete the space jump, during which he’ll break the sound barrier. To achieve the highest-ever freefall, Baumgartner will first be lifted by a helium balloon up to that height in a pressurized capsule. Thirty cameras  including one from each of his knees  will document every moment of the jump. This is one impressive jump..

I was watching this video randomly & almost till the end I was thinking it was an IKEA commercial selling chairs.. and that very serious voiceover lady was depressing the living crap out of me  telling that Facebook is humanity’s  only hope against the dark universe, Facebook has over 1 billion active users and I heard later this ad was made to embark it… titled “Things That Connect Us” compares Facebook to chairs, bridges, basketball and other vehicles that bring people together. The social network as hired ad agency Wieden & Kennedy, best known for its Nike work to create that 90-second film. Ironically, there is no mention of Facebook hitting the 1 billion mark in the film.

Com’n Facebook u very well know that every user has a different relationship, as a tech blogger I know technology is a little piece of magic that can define how we interact with the world and with ourselves..  and if u want to take a more active role in making money from those users, it makes sense to start defining the company’s role in every one of those relationships. To see a company that’s done that incredibly well, look at Google.  Bring the narrative under one roof, and you can start to steer it. This ad makes it clear that Facebook needs to do a little work defining that narrative and define yourself as yet another service or product & gags to the riches selling relationships..

Facebook Chair ad

Facebook Chair ad