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When Indian Air Force (IAF) labeled ‘Medium Severity Rating’ on Xiaomi Phones it is indeed considered quite a threat to national security primarily it was meant for Air Force personals and their family members; but not far enough of a threat for indian consumers as well. So why was this threat Issued and on what basis? its because a security article shared by F-Secure wherein it was found that their mobile phones is automatically “forwarding carrier name, phone number, IMEI (the device identifier) plus numbers from address book and text messages back to its headquarters in Beijing CHINA.

Xiaomi is also facing probe in Taiwan for similar allegations. These MIUI platform-based phones keep the data synchronization on by default, so for testing the device, the security company used a boxed handset. After un-boxing, they inserted a SIM card, connected to WiFi, allowed GPS location service and then added a new contact. They then send and received SMS and MMS messages and made and received some phone calls. Finally, they found that the phone had sent telecom provider’s name to the server It had also sent the IMEI and phone number to the same server.

Following the update F-Secure did another extended test on the MIUI app. In the explanation they factory reset the phone and later updated the app and found the MIUI app is kept off by default. Later after turning on they found a base-64 encoded traffic being sent to Here is the detailed report –

Xiaomi entered the Indian market in July this year with its Mi3 smartphone priced at Rs 13,999 through e-Commerce major Flipkart. Xiaomi currently sells Redmi 1S in India via pre-registration method. The company has already sold 108,000 Mi3 and 6,70,000 Redmi 1S units via flash sales.

Technically, in any smartphone, when you use an app it actually need to archive the data somewhere and that’s the reason behind setting up appropriate data centre for storing them. Using the app and keeping your data over the cloud means you have the consent to take responsibility of your data. All the popular cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or Amazon Kindle service follows the same process for this.

After connecting to the Mi Cloud, they repeated the same procedure and found that IMSI details as well as the IMEI and phone number were sent to the same server.

After Indian Air Force Issued a warning, Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra has said in a Google+ post that they are moving their data out of China and moving to new servers. Here is the complete unedited post by him.

We’re moving your data!

User experience is hugely important to us. As a global Internet company, we really care about speed and we’re also fully committed to storing our users’ data securely at all times.

In early 2014, we kicked off a massive internal effort to expand our server infrastructure globally in order to better serve Mi fans everywhere.

Our primary goal in moving to a multi-site server architecture was to improve the performance of our services for Mi fans around the world, cut down latency and reduce failure rates. At the same time, it also better equips us to maintain high privacy standards and comply with local data protection regulations. This is a very high priority for Xiaomi as we expand into new markets over the next few years.

This server and data migration process is taking place in three phases.

Phase 1: E-commerce migration

Earlier this year, our e-commerce engineering teams started migrating our global e-commerce platforms and user data for all international users from our Beijing data centers to Amazon AWS data centers in California (USA) and Singapore. We also began using Akamai’s global CDN infrastructure to speed up static page loads.
This migration process will be completed by the end of October and will benefit users in all of our international markets — Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan. Users are already experiencing website speed boosts of at least 30% in markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and as much as 200% in India.

Phase 2: MIUI services migration

We have also recently started migrating our MIUI services and corresponding data for all international users from our Beijing data centers to Amazon AWS data centers in Oregon (USA) and Singapore. This migration includes Mi Account, Cloud Messaging and Mi Cloud services. We are expecting to complete this migration by the end of 2014, with some parts being completed even sooner (e.g. Mi Account servers by the end of October).With this migration, we are expecting to cut network request latency for users in India by up to 350ms, and users in Malaysia to experience 2-3x faster Mi Cloud photosync.

Phase 3: Going local

In 2015, we are planning to take on a new challenge to further improve the performance of our services for users in large and fast-growing markets such as India and Brazil.
In these markets, where Amazon AWS services aren’t yet available, we will be working with local data center providers to set up our service infrastructure. Once that has been completed, users in these markets will be much closer to their data and enjoy even faster speeds by connecting to local servers. We will continue to keep everyone posted!

(on behalf of the Xiaomi infrastructure teams)

Overall I think before releasing any foreign made phones or communication devices going forward in India it should be mandatory to setup a panel to review these kind of potential threats to avoid such panic rather then interrogating this post such mega sales.. What is your opinion on this ?

Youtube Ads SUCK Big Time..

Posted: August 22, 2014 in All Categories

Youtube your Ads SUCKS

Youtube Ads are obnoxious, loud, interferes in the youtube expected experience, everyone understand YouTube is a advertising revenue financed site, FREE for you to use but that doesn’t mean you are bombarded with more ads than the videos you watch on it, there are even overlay videos which even stop to you enjoy a video in full..WTH

It’s when advertising interrupts your common everyday vlog that gets to me. That’s the fault of the Partner program and YouTube’s current ad revenue model, though. Instead of allowing users to pay to have ads removed, people agree to have ads on their videos in exchange for being paid.

Adverts before the video wouldn’t be so bad.

But when an advert OVERLAYS the video you want to watch, several seconds AFTER the video starts, that ruins the continuity of the video itself. I want to watch it from beginning to end without being interrupted part way through with an advert for something. Weren’t the ads AROUND the video enough?

It’s seems just greed that everyone now a days agree with and the result of Google gaining a very dominant position on the Internet’s resources.

I would suggest using Bing instead. It’s NOT nearly as ugly, cluttered and VERY old like Google YouTube.

Actually Bing videos are clean, unobstructed and very beautiful. Best of all Micosoft is NOT interested in stealing EVERY ounce of your personal information for use of their service.. GOOGLE you score a pea in this area don’t just screw user experience..

Youtube has started placing advertisement into the system, it doesn’t seem to be voluntary, it’s forced view. We all understand the need for advertising, but I don’t like having to watch a thirty second commercial for every 1 minute clip I want to watch :( What you are going to see slowly is the quality of service going down while ads increase. Ads will increase so much it will become annoying to even be on YouTube just like watching cable..

Orkut Shutdown

The once upon a time famour social networking site Orkut which was later taken over by Google is Shutting down and yes you heard it right. Google said its “first foray into social networking,” to focus on YouTube, Blogger, and Google+ services that have proven more popular

Orkut was the result of a “20 per cent project” in which Google workers got to spend a fifth of their time on ideas not necessarily related to their job responsibilities, this is half true but anywaz Google really didn’t make huge profits with the buyout as such. Orkut proved particularly popular in Brazil, where two years ago it was eclipsed by social networking powerhouse Facebook. Google launched its Google+ social network in 2011 and has been slowly weaving it into other services.

This is a big news to other social networking site offcourse Facebook which is going to gain some good traction in countries like India, Brazil and more.. If not big atleast few 100 thousands of new users spilling out there considering the over engineered google plus..

So RIP Orkut.. Its through Orkut that many started ther social networking journey; but sadly it could not compete with Facebook.

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8 Creativity Myths

What do famous directors, inventors, techie billionaires, writers, entrepreneurs, etc. have exclusively in their coterie that we don’t?  Nothing! Shocked to hear that? Well, that’s not just a hollow motivational uplifter, but a doctoral thesis carried out by David Burkus, an assistant professor of management at Oral Roberts University and author of the book The Myths Of Creativity: The Truth About How Innovative Companies And People Generate Ideas.  This is a truly excellent read for all budding entrepreneurs and those who think in breaking paths..

His book thrashes open the seductive bubble around all innovators and informs us how with effort and routine, even we can be equally creative. “You are more creative than you realize. You just need to rewrite the myths,” here are those 8 Creativity Myths…

The Eureka Myth – We have come to believe that all great ideas come in a flash of insight. With Isaac Newton as the chief proponent of this theory, who discovered gravity with a fallen apple from a tree, we couldn’t help but mystify all inventions as coming from a Eureka or Aha moment. But as Mr. Burkus has found out through his research, innovative insights come from hard work and dedication to a problem. The answers incubate in our subconscious and although, sometimes, we connect two distantly connected dots suddenly, it is later realized that they were the result of a long, internal process.

The Rare Breed Myth – Creativity is said to be an elusive characteristic belonging to only a blessed few. Only this rare breed has the right to be labeled as “The Creatives”; while the rest of us can be assumed to be The Non Creative Types. But evidence suggests something quite the opposite: that there is no naturally creative breed per se. Thus, it can be safely concluded that creativity is not born but made; and that anyone can be creative. Ok now, don’t just Hurray yet!

The Originality Myth – Creative people or companies are assumed to be 100% original with their ideas. But history suggests that all great ideas are the work of more than one person. Henry Ford developed the assembly line production of automobiles after seeing the production facilities of meat packing plants. Often other people are working on the same idea as its foundation is laid on a piece of inspiration more than one person can piece together. For example: the day Alexander Graham Bell filed for a patent for the telephone, another woman Elisha Gray filed a patent for a similar device. So there is no such thing as 100% originality. But we still advise you not to go the Pritam and Anu Malik way!

The Expert Myth – It has been believed for the longest time that problems can be solved through experience. Wrong. If that would have been the case, all 60 plus scientists would have won the Nobel Prize. In reality, most scientists who have won the Nobel Prize in physics were in their twenties. To tackle a problem, it is better to come with an outsider’s perspective. So bosses must not turn a deaf ear at suggestions that new or young employees offer. And as a young employee yourself, you must not take age to be a constricting factor in presenting the next big thing.

The Lone Creator Myth – We often assume that great things come from a lone individual but that’s not entirely true. Creativity is a team effort. Even Edison worked with others to produce marvelous inventions. So you should partner with the right people to give shape to bigger, better ideas. And even offices should choose the right team of people for grand, creative projects to come to fruition.

The Brainstorming Myth – Companies often have this naïve idea that you put people in a room, set the ball rolling, and wham bam! People will start brainstorming and amazing ideas will be unearthed. This approach may be good once or twice, but it is not a very consistent approach to achieve creative breakthroughs. The secret to correct problem solving lies in abundant research on the part of the team. Brainstorming can just help shape an originally solid idea.

The Cohesive Myth – If creativity requires teams, then the teams must work happily ever after. No, in fact, cohesiveness is actually known to hinder innovative thinking, as people hold back on challenging ideas for the fear of disrupting the group’s personal bonding. “Creativity loves conflict as long as it’s professional, not personal”, Burkes says.

The Mousetrap Myth – In the nineteenth century, Ralph Waldo Emerson was quoted as saying, “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door”.  It simply meant that if a man can make better technology, or corn, or boards, or chairs than anybody else, he will find a broad road built to his door, however deep he may be in the woods. But it’s not that simple in today’s times. One has to constantly keep reinventing themselves to survive in this ruthlessly competitive world. Even Apple has to innovate on its product portfolio yearly, after having claimed the No.1 position in the tech world for long. Although we must concede that the world did kinda’ build a road to Steve Jobs’ house (wait, translate it to— made a beeline to Apple showrooms) after they were enough enamored with the simple, beautiful and powerful machines that the man built.