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As we see with economy now crawling back to normalcy, companies have once again hit the hiring button. Overall, companies are so dependent on IT that they can’t lay off the people who keep their data center operations humming, and they’re loath to let go of the developers who are working on next-generation Internet applications. So, which are the technologies that will be in hot demand in the job market in 2010, any idea? The technologies that will help you give your career a boost. Read on to know the hot technology jobs of demand in 2010. So let’s hit the demand queue..

tech jobs encore

tech jobs encore

    1) Rich internet Applications:

Have you seen anyone without a twitter or a Facebook accounts these days, better they forget there wallet these days but I bet not these, with Web 2.0 becoming `the’ word in Internet space, there’s an increased emphasis on adding interactivity and improving user experience. This has resulted in the evolution of Rich Internet Applications or RIAs. The Web standards are also said to be incorporating RIAs.

Companies today look at adding more disparate functionalities to their applications, also user experience is rated as one of the top parameter on any software development project. With so much happening on the technology front, having an RIA experience can be the key resume differentiator for the coming year.

    2) Java and .Net

It’s like humans can’t be living with hot cup of java or tea 😉 Topping again the lists is what the news article calls evergreen fields Java and .Net. There are primarily two career paths that these pros can take: one towards Web development and the other to enterprise-class applications. With application development on both fronts, Web and enterprise level, buzzing with opportunities, the IT pros with core expertise in these areas can expect to remain in demand.

With a natural progression towards Web-based applications, it is essential for a developer to add skillsets for Web technologies to his core expertise. With Web 2.0 front brewing with activity, a developer can also build skills on technologies like Sliverlight, AJAX, WPF etc.

    3) Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the hottest buzzwords for 2010. With technology companies betting big on cloud computing, a career based around it is surely a good bet. Google AppEngine, Microsoft Azure, Amazon are some of the cloud platforms for which developers can build and deploy applications these days.

Several popular enterprise applications like CRM, ERP too are being hosted on Cloud platform. Also, companies setting up their private clouds would need to shift their existing applications to the new platform. The transition process would need both developers and testers. I predict a solid future for IT professionals with experience in IT optimization, including virtualization and cloud computing. However, these jobs may end up in service providers, rather than IT departments. 🙂

    4) Project management

Project Management certifications are increasingly being seen as a must for employment or advancement as a Project Manager in most companies. There are several industry recognised certifications like PMP and PRINCE2. These certifications help you in making a career for yourself not only in IT industry but in other business verticals too. Project management skills are going to be more important over the next few years.
Even more important is experience managing complex IT projects and delivering results on time and on or under budget.

    5) Embedded Technologies

With mobile and smart devices going mainstream, the demand for embedded software developers has gone up. Today, embedded technologies are used in almost all gadgets camera, TV, mobile phone, etc. The seeping in of embedded technologies into digital devices of daily use has created demand for both software and hardware professionals.

According to the news story, with devices mostly being based on ARM chips or x86, it is important for embedded software developers to have complete knowledge of the architecture and C/C+ languages for programming purposes. A developer needs to know the varied architectures of the chipset and how to deploy an application across.

    6) Mobile development

Today mobile phones are not just hardware! There’s a lot of software that goes inside them. The software that also goes a long way in making them a huge success or a big dud. The software that packs the Apples, Nokias Blackberries have also created a new career avenue. With enterprises too going mobile, the career has got a further boost. As smartphones gain in popularity and replace laptops, companies want applications like CRM, BI to be made available to their employees on these handheld devices.

Mobile platforms are based on disparate frameworks like Java, Windows or Symbian. To carve a career in the mobile development domain, a developer is required to gain core expertise in one of the frameworks.

    7) IT security

A slew of security certifications – including the CompTIA Security+, GIAC Security Essentials, Certified Ethical Hacker, GIAC Certified Incident Handler and Check Point Certified Security Administrator, etc.. will have increased value in 2010. The value of security skills is going up, and more importantly these jobs are pretty stable, as there some crooks always want to shows of there screwing skills 🙂

There maybe many others fields which will continuously as we have seen this year, but this seems to be the big areas again in 2010 which is gonna shine, so a keep watch for it..