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You’ve got your shiny new iPad, so what should you play on it? Here I have compiled some of the best games to download for free, These games are very addictive as they are downloaded by millions of tablet computer users around the world.

1. Angry Birds:


Since all the Angry Birds episodes have little new to offer, I will just combine the three most popular free versions of this epic iDevice game in the number one title. Right now I am talking about Angry Birds Rio HD Free, Angry Birds Free HD, and Angry Birds Seasons HD Free. You have probably enjoyed every trip and each adventure little Birds have gone through. Thus Iwould like to ask you one question. Which free Angry Birds game for the iPad do you love the most?

2. Fruit Ninja HD Lite:


As simple in concept as this next game is, you are not going to believe how much fun it is to play. In Fruit Ninja HD Lite, you swipe the screen as fruit flies around to “slash and splatter fruit like a true ninja warrior”. It actually gets pretty tricky as more and more items get tossed through the air, including bombs.

In Fruit Ninja HD Lite, you can even check out the Dojo, where your in-game success can unlock awesome new backgrounds and blades. There are also a small sample of achievements to unlock, with three exclusive to this version of the game. You can post your results to Facebook and Twitter, too.

3. Zoo Story:


Do you like animals? The iTablet can help you to create your own zoo with rare wild animals from all over the world. You can breed amazing creatures, design theme park attractions, raise exotic animals and attract more guests. To make your Zoo Story game more interesting you can participate in various quests, raise unicorns and other unique animals, plant crops and get new animals every week. Keep in mind that the free iPad game should be played online only, so you need WiFi connection to start playing right away.

4. Red Bull Air Race World Championship:


Just like in a real life this game requires speed, skills and knowledge so you have to be ready to show the best you can. Excellent graphics, authentic 3D race plane models and realistic controls will make you experience a real adrenaline explosion. The app isn’t that bad once you change the calibration and sensitivity. You want the sensitivity to be higher so it’s easier to move.

5. Smurfs’ Village:


The simple fact that this game even exists makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. In Smurfs’ Village, you are faced with the task of creating your own village, which includes constructing buildings and bridges, growing gardens, and playing mini-games to create things like potions and cookies. Think Sim City meets Farmville. All of your favorite Smurfs are in this game based on the original cartoon. You can even connect your account with Facebook and view all your friends’ villages in the game. Need I say more?

6. Inspector Gadget’s MAD Dash HD:


Would you like to have endless fun? Get this mysterious game about Inspector Gadget. This detective enjoys adventures, mysteries and unusual cases. Do your best to become a real hero who can jump speeding trains and swing from cranes. You can enjoy endless play mode, collect free Pennies, challenge your friends and unlock bonuses.

7. Bakery Story:


This game reminds me a lot of Cafe World, the hugely popular Facebook game. Bakery Story let’s you design your own virtual bakery to show off to your friends. Keep your customers happy and well-fed by creating tasty pastries and things. New content is released every week to make the game continually better.

Like the concept but not a fan of bakeries? Check out Restaurant Story and City Story too.

8. Trade Nations:


Social games are very popular nowadays, but this iTablet game is probably one of the best social games created for iOS devices. It has a nice design letting you create a village and grow it into a beautiful city.
There are many cute decorations and buildings that you can build in your city. To tune your settlement you should give people jobs, get more resources and create goods. Be a reasonable leader to make a productive and happy society.

In case you don’t have much time to devote to your city, your people will just go to sleep if you don’t check your game too often.

9. Hungry Shark – Part 1 HD:


In Hungry Shark, you have to chomp your way to the top of the food chain. It’s a fast-paced aquatic eat ‘em-up game. This game has pretty amazing graphics and can be very addicting. Troll the seas and binge on pretty much whatever you want to try to beat your friends’ high scores.

10. Aurora Feint 3:


This famous match-3 puzzle game is a multiplayer RPG world of fantasy, mystery, and magic. Gather your friends and dive in to the Aurora Feint 3 – the adventures are waiting for you! Aurora Feint 3 is essentially Puzzle Quest (Bejeweled welded to a basic RPG). Slide gems and match three to gain energy or smack your foe during battles. The horizontal-only sliding combined with accelerometer-based gravity-shifting in the well means you have to think fast in this game, which is well-suited to the iPad.

I know folks have there own list of best games to play on Ipad, so we have the comments section just for you, go list them and make sure they are Free 🙂