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Tiesto Live Stream on Twitter

Tiesto Live Stream on Twitter

This is something I am really excited of with some unusual advances in twitter where HP and Intel will be teaming up with twitter for hosting the first-ever live stream of a concert on Twitter next week at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. The headliner: who else electronic music master Tiësto.

The concert will kick off the launch of a new 10-episode series on YouTube called “In the Booth” — a behind-the-scenes look at Tiësto’s life and his impact on the electronic dance movement. The private event at the nightclub XS at Encore in Las Vegas will stream live from HP and Intel’s newly enhanced Twitter brand pages.

Tiësto will play a 90-minute set on Wednesday, January 11 starting at 10:00 p.m. PT. It will then play on a loop on HP and Intel’s Twitter page for the following 48 hours.

I remember Twitter had even offered streaming on the site, but this is the first-time ever that the site will feature a live concert as I have heard, and with this I expect new brand pages for companies more widely available by the end of the first quarter of 2012, go Twitter I think the Sheik investment is doing well for them 🙂

Twitter users will also be able to interact with others on the site while watching the live stream next week. HP and Intel execs will also be live tweeting from the show via the hash tag #TiestoLive.

This will change the way fans interact with brands on the site. Companies can tell fans to check out their pages and features by saying @HP or @Intel, instead of giving a long URL that doesn’t roll off the tongue, yipeeee In addition, this is a concept that isn’t even available on Facebook, since it’s a closed community. Here, anyone can watch the live stream and chat with anyone else with the same interests. I expect to see some powerful things come out of brand pages in the future

The Web series – produced by Believe Entertainment Group – will launch Tuesday, Jan. 17 on YouTube and each video will be between five and seven minutes long. I will tuning into this for sure.. Check me out on twitter in this LINK

How is the new year treating you guys, hope its rocking. C U next week..

Microsoft So.Cl

Microsoft So.Cl

We all know Microsoft which owns a small part of Facebook, has now dipped its own toe in the online social scene with a low-key unveiling of its (pronounced “social”) service. The site, which is for students to share interesting discoveries online, looks like a curious blend of Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +. Right now it’s restricted to certain universities, and is a blend of web browsing, search (Bing, of course) and networking – including what it calls “video party”.

As per there website “ (pronounced “social”) is an experimental research project, developed by Microsoft’s FUSE Labs, focused on exploring the possibilities of social search for the purpose of learning.

– combines social networking and search, to help people find and share interesting web pages in the way students do when they work together.
– helps you create rich posts, by assembling montages of visual web content.
– To encourage interaction and collaboration, provides rich media sharing, and real time sharing of videos via “video parties.”

We expect students to continue using products such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other existing social networks, as well as Bing, Google and other search tools. We hope to encourage students to reimagine how our everyday communication and learning tools can be improved, by researching, learning and sharing in their everyday lives.

Who can join?

We are formally partnering with selected schools (including University of Washington, Syracuse University, and New York University).

However, anyone can participate in the FUSE Labs research community as several of our experiments are available for use on the web. For those who wish to be more involved with FUSE, please e-mail”

Read more @

In effect, Microsoft is trying to build on the fact that many students are looking for the same sorts of things online, and it gives them a way to put together and share their findings with other members interested in the same academic area. We’ll see if its young users stick to such a lofty goal.

Will be the first step of a greater social project under way at Microsoft? That’s something it is not willing to share. Who know but MS lately by all means is struggling for a breakthrough like its Windows OS, currently it seems they are just copying glitter from the top website to make something of there own, not sure if MS is lose its shine in the Online Space sooner or later.

Anywaz Happy Christmas to all the readers and have a Great Holiday Season 🙂

Google has indeed ended a long term silence about how much energy the company needs to operate, and how much power many of its popular services consume. Thanks to a new website, a pair of blog posts and a story in the New York Times, we’ve now got a treasure trove of data on the amount of energy it takes to run Google.

Google Energy Use

Google Energy Use

Here are some fun facts on Google’s energy use:

Google uses enough energy to continuously power 200,000 homes
Google’s many data centers around the world burn through 260 million watts—one quarter of the output of a nuclear power plant—the New York Times reports. The company had been cagey about revealing energy usage stats in the past, probably because it didn’t want to reveal to competitors how quickly its data centers were growing. It’s no longer a secret that Google needs a crazy amount of data centers to keep things running smoothly.

Google accounts for roughly 0.013 percent of the world’s energy use

Data centers in general are responsible for 1.3 percent of the world’s electricity consumption, according to one estimate, and Google says it accounts for a mere one-hundredth of that statistic. Do the math. The company claims that its data centers are twice as energy-efficient as most others.

One Google search is equal to turning on a 60W light bulb for 17 seconds 🙂

Google says it spends about 0.0003 kWh of energy on an average search query, translating to roughly 0.2g of carbon dioxide. Related fact: searching the web 100 times is equivalent to drinking 1.5 tablespoons of orange juice, Google says. That’s hard work!

YouTube can stream for three days on the energy it takes to make a DVD

That stat includes manufacturing, packaging and delivery of the DVD, Google says. One minute of streaming YouTube video consumes 0.0002 kWh of energy, which is about the same amount of energy your body uses in eight seconds.

One year of Gmail is as efficient as a message in a bottle

Google’s just getting silly with this statistic. With the 2.2 kWh that each Gmail user demands per year, Google says you could chug a 750 mL bottle of wine, stuff a letter into it and toss it into the ocean (trip to remote island not included).

Google’s carbon footprint is zero (after offsets)

No, Google doesn’t get all of its energy from wind farms and solar panels. But to make up for the 1.46 million metric tons of carbon dioxide that Google emits every year—mostly from purchased energy to power its data centers—the company buys and generates its own renewable energy or purchases carbon offsets (essentially, funding green efforts elsewhere). The company invests in enough renewable energy to power more than 350,000 homes.

The fact remains that Web is full of free website hosting services. There are number of hosting services on the web, and they are keen to provide free website hosting services for the eager ones. There was a time when free website hosting services was quite popular among the website owners.

Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting

Imagine, the extent of possible savings for a website owner, as the owner doesn’t have to shell even a single pie from the coffers, and the hosting is done free of cost.However, with the advent of cheap web hosting services, free website hosting services had gone out of the window. Still, free web hosting services remains a top catch for someone who has a low budget for his web ventures. There are many free web site promotion activities possible with free web hosting services. More importantly, you need to understand your site, and choose proper free web hosting services.

It’s important that the chosen hosting services do provide you with free website tools. Though, you won’t get all the required tools for building your website, but significantly, some of the free website hosting services has known to give enough free website tools to build your own website.Some of the free hosting services even go down to the extent of helping you to point the web address to the chosen domain name, and nevertheless, that are a handy free website tool.
The most significant criteria while choosing a free website hosting services is the bandwidth. Take pains to find the bandwidth such would offer you. In case, your free web site is provided with limited bandwidth, then your site might face access problems. You are advised to choose free website hosting services which allow you to have sufficient bandwidth for your site.
Now the advertisement section. For free hosting services, it’s the advertisement blocks that are perhaps, the most important consideration.
The focus for them is to earn money from placing advertisements on your site, but the real question is what type of advertisements do they intend to place on your site. Text advertisements are fine, but pop ups and pop under could be very annoying for your guest visitors. Money you, many guest decide to block your web address, just because your website has a pop up, or a pop under ads. Therefore, preferably, if possible, choose a free web hosting services that doesn’t place pop ups, or pop under ads. Following the above tips would ensure that you get the best free website hosting services for you site.

Here I have found a list of good free web hosting Companies in the below Link which i think is a good list for beginners for good free hosting:

Alternate Link:

Let me know what do you think of free web hosting companies are they reliable and any good free web hosting companies you know which are not in the above list..

Privacy threats and fatigue has led 1 lakh Britons and six million users in the US to shut down their Facebook accounts, with the same pattern expected to follow in other countries too.

Facebook’s growth rate has slowed for a second month in a row, ironically, when the social networking site was aiming to reach its goal of one billion active users.

Canada saw a fall of about 1.5 million users of the website, while in Russia and Norway numbers fell by more than 100,000 users.

The company is now relying on developing countries to boost its numbers.

Blogs are abuzz with speculations that the website could one day ‘sputter into oblivion,’ fearing the fate of its failing rival MySpace.

There is a point at which the site can no longer grow, once it has established itself in a country, according to Eric Eldon, from the website ‘Inside Facebook’, which obtained the figures.

“By the time Facebook reaches around 50% of the total population in a given country, growth generally slows to a halt,” Internet psychologist Graham Jones has predicted that Facebook users would suffer the same kind of ‘fatigue’ that comes whenever men and women get bored with trying anything that is new. “People get terribly excited about something new and after a while the novelty wears off,” he explained.

What do you think of Facebook Privacy Policies.

I have watched almost all the Cranky-Spanky Videos on YouTube and thought I will share some of Best Interactive Videos on Youtube i have seen with you, offcourse with the best use of Youtube Techonology. So without wasting time let’s see what I am actually talking of… and let me know if you Enjoyed it…

>> Hunter/Bear Interactive:

A huge bear attacks after being shot by a hunter.

>> Cat
Put your finger on the screen and touch the rainbow. A cute but weird kitty cat will like it…

>> Cage Cop
Put your finger on the screen and touch the rainbow. But if you’re the robber in the car watch out for the Skittles Police.

>> Freddiew WIDESCREEN
Want to have your video HD and widescreen? Make sure your output is 720p, i.e. 1280×720. You’re also going to want to compress it so you aren’t uploading a huge file – use h.264 at 1500-2500 kbps.

>> Oscars Find-The-Difference

>> Mario Slot Machine

>> MGM Piano

>> kokokaka Piano

>> Electric Bass with your keyboard

>> LEGO choose-your-own-adventure

>> Mixable Dancer

>> YouTube Magic Trick

>> Street Fighter Interactive Game

>> MGM hidden annotations announcement


See now that’s what I am talking about, have more such videos posts it in the Comments section of this post.

Most internet frauds result from poor customer awareness. The biggest concern for online customers is the possible theft of their online credentials, especially those relating to net banking. This often happens without the customers’ knowledge, enabling fraudsters to steal money from their accounts in a recurring manner. Here in simple words I have put on how you can guard against them.


Make sure site is safe

Before keying in sensitive information, ensure the site is running in a secure mode by looking for the padlock symbol at the bottom of the browser. Give your user id and password only at the authenticated login page

Strong password

Make net banking passwords difficult to guess, change them regularly. Also, never share them with anyone, meaning just anyone. Your Password should include a good combination of numbers, Letters and special characters.

Virus scanning

Scan email attachments for viruses before opening them. When unsure about the source of an attachment, delete it. Everyone should install a good anti-virus system on their PCs like Avast, AVG or Symantec and ensure that it is updated regularly. Also avoid downloading programs from unknown sources. Some sources may have hidden forms of spyware or viruses that could compromise the security of your computer.

Never share your CVV no.

Don’t share your password or CVV details orally with banks. Bank never asks for confidential information like user ID, password, credit card number, CVV, etc, via mail, SMS or bank initiated phone calls.

Make sure it is Bank site

Don’t access bank website from a link provided in an email from any source. Instead, type the address of the bank website in the address bar of browser to access the bank account. Don’t click on any link provided in emails, they may redirect users to a fake/phishing site.

No paper work

Never note down user ID, password on piece of paper, documents or phones for easy retrieval, on any place that is easily or not easily accessible to anyone even your family members.

Say no to password reminders

Everyone should also never use the ‘remember password’ feature provided by browsers to save their net banking passwords. This is how many hackers catch in.

No Net banking from cyber cafes

Don’t access Net banking from cyber cafes. If you have to, use the virtual key board to key in details and ensure you log out of the system once you are done. Do not use shared computers for Net Banking.

Clear your browser’s cache

Clear your browser’s cache and history after each session so that your account information is removed, especially if you have used a shared computer to access Internet.

Take Care to Log Off

Finally Log Off from online Bank Account every time after you complete your online banking session. Do not close your browser.

Hope this helps, if you have a tip to share or a suggestion leave it in the comment section of this post.