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You don’t need to clean your room anymore with this Smart Trashbox, using xbox kinect sensor overlooking the room.

By the way he can make a super high tech trash can, but he still uses a type writer? cool..

I have watched almost all the Cranky-Spanky Videos on YouTube and thought I will share some of Best Interactive Videos on Youtube i have seen with you, offcourse with the best use of Youtube Techonology. So without wasting time let’s see what I am actually talking of… and let me know if you Enjoyed it…

>> Hunter/Bear Interactive:

A huge bear attacks after being shot by a hunter.

>> Cat
Put your finger on the screen and touch the rainbow. A cute but weird kitty cat will like it…

>> Cage Cop
Put your finger on the screen and touch the rainbow. But if you’re the robber in the car watch out for the Skittles Police.

>> Freddiew WIDESCREEN
Want to have your video HD and widescreen? Make sure your output is 720p, i.e. 1280×720. You’re also going to want to compress it so you aren’t uploading a huge file – use h.264 at 1500-2500 kbps.

>> Oscars Find-The-Difference

>> Mario Slot Machine

>> MGM Piano

>> kokokaka Piano

>> Electric Bass with your keyboard

>> LEGO choose-your-own-adventure

>> Mixable Dancer

>> YouTube Magic Trick

>> Street Fighter Interactive Game

>> MGM hidden annotations announcement


See now that’s what I am talking about, have more such videos posts it in the Comments section of this post.

You’ve got your shiny new iPad, so what should you play on it? Here I have compiled some of the best games to download for free, These games are very addictive as they are downloaded by millions of tablet computer users around the world.

1. Angry Birds:


Since all the Angry Birds episodes have little new to offer, I will just combine the three most popular free versions of this epic iDevice game in the number one title. Right now I am talking about Angry Birds Rio HD Free, Angry Birds Free HD, and Angry Birds Seasons HD Free. You have probably enjoyed every trip and each adventure little Birds have gone through. Thus Iwould like to ask you one question. Which free Angry Birds game for the iPad do you love the most?

2. Fruit Ninja HD Lite:


As simple in concept as this next game is, you are not going to believe how much fun it is to play. In Fruit Ninja HD Lite, you swipe the screen as fruit flies around to “slash and splatter fruit like a true ninja warrior”. It actually gets pretty tricky as more and more items get tossed through the air, including bombs.

In Fruit Ninja HD Lite, you can even check out the Dojo, where your in-game success can unlock awesome new backgrounds and blades. There are also a small sample of achievements to unlock, with three exclusive to this version of the game. You can post your results to Facebook and Twitter, too.

3. Zoo Story:


Do you like animals? The iTablet can help you to create your own zoo with rare wild animals from all over the world. You can breed amazing creatures, design theme park attractions, raise exotic animals and attract more guests. To make your Zoo Story game more interesting you can participate in various quests, raise unicorns and other unique animals, plant crops and get new animals every week. Keep in mind that the free iPad game should be played online only, so you need WiFi connection to start playing right away.

4. Red Bull Air Race World Championship:


Just like in a real life this game requires speed, skills and knowledge so you have to be ready to show the best you can. Excellent graphics, authentic 3D race plane models and realistic controls will make you experience a real adrenaline explosion. The app isn’t that bad once you change the calibration and sensitivity. You want the sensitivity to be higher so it’s easier to move.

5. Smurfs’ Village:


The simple fact that this game even exists makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. In Smurfs’ Village, you are faced with the task of creating your own village, which includes constructing buildings and bridges, growing gardens, and playing mini-games to create things like potions and cookies. Think Sim City meets Farmville. All of your favorite Smurfs are in this game based on the original cartoon. You can even connect your account with Facebook and view all your friends’ villages in the game. Need I say more?

6. Inspector Gadget’s MAD Dash HD:


Would you like to have endless fun? Get this mysterious game about Inspector Gadget. This detective enjoys adventures, mysteries and unusual cases. Do your best to become a real hero who can jump speeding trains and swing from cranes. You can enjoy endless play mode, collect free Pennies, challenge your friends and unlock bonuses.

7. Bakery Story:


This game reminds me a lot of Cafe World, the hugely popular Facebook game. Bakery Story let’s you design your own virtual bakery to show off to your friends. Keep your customers happy and well-fed by creating tasty pastries and things. New content is released every week to make the game continually better.

Like the concept but not a fan of bakeries? Check out Restaurant Story and City Story too.

8. Trade Nations:


Social games are very popular nowadays, but this iTablet game is probably one of the best social games created for iOS devices. It has a nice design letting you create a village and grow it into a beautiful city.
There are many cute decorations and buildings that you can build in your city. To tune your settlement you should give people jobs, get more resources and create goods. Be a reasonable leader to make a productive and happy society.

In case you don’t have much time to devote to your city, your people will just go to sleep if you don’t check your game too often.

9. Hungry Shark – Part 1 HD:


In Hungry Shark, you have to chomp your way to the top of the food chain. It’s a fast-paced aquatic eat ‘em-up game. This game has pretty amazing graphics and can be very addicting. Troll the seas and binge on pretty much whatever you want to try to beat your friends’ high scores.

10. Aurora Feint 3:


This famous match-3 puzzle game is a multiplayer RPG world of fantasy, mystery, and magic. Gather your friends and dive in to the Aurora Feint 3 – the adventures are waiting for you! Aurora Feint 3 is essentially Puzzle Quest (Bejeweled welded to a basic RPG). Slide gems and match three to gain energy or smack your foe during battles. The horizontal-only sliding combined with accelerometer-based gravity-shifting in the well means you have to think fast in this game, which is well-suited to the iPad.

I know folks have there own list of best games to play on Ipad, so we have the comments section just for you, go list them and make sure they are Free 🙂

With 2011 touted as the year of the tablet, the tablet war has begun with Apple unveiling iPad2 and BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM)speculated to be following soon with its PlayBook. Here’s is my point of view on how Apple Inc’s iPad 2, stacks up against iPad 1 and competing tablets, with just simple features and less jargons so everyone can understand with a scroll :0.

Apple iPad 2


* Price: $499-$829

* Camera: Has front and rear-facing camera, Sports a magnetic cover

* Weight: 1.33 lbs (603gm)

* Screen: 9.7 inches LED display; width: 7.3 inches; depth: 0.34 inches

* Processor & OS: Runs on 1GHz dual-core A5 processor, iOS 4.3

* Availablity: March 11

Apple iPad


* Price: $399-$729

* Weight: 1.5 lbs (680gm)

* Screen: 9.7 inches LED display, width: 7.5 inches, depth: 0.5 inches

* Processor & OS: Runs on 1GHz A4 processor

Motorola Mobility Xoom


* Software: Android

* Weight: 1.6 lbs (725gm)

* Camera: Has a 2 MP front-facing camera for video calls and a 5 MP rear camera that takes still photos and captures high-definition video.

* Screen: 10.1 inches diagonally; width: 6.6 inches; depth: 0.5 inches

* Processor & OS: Runs on 1GHz Dual Core processor with Android 3.0 Honeycomb

* Availability: Since February

* Price: $600-$799

Research In Motion PlayBook


* Screen: 7 inches display; width 7.6 inches, depth 0.4 inches

* Weight 0.9 lbs (408 gm)

* Camera: Dual camera, 3 MP camera in the front, 5 MP camera at the back

* Processor & OS: Runs on 1 GHz dual-core processor with BlackBerry OS

* Price: To be announced

* Availablity: March likely

LG Optimus Pad


* Weight: 630 grams

* Screen: 8.9 inches display

* Processor & OS: 1GHz NvidiaTegra 2 dual-core processor, runs on Android 3.0

* Camera: Two separate cameras on the back for shooting 3D video. A 2 MP camera on front for conferencing.

* Price: To be announced

* Availability: Middle of March

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


* Screen: 10.1 inches display

* Weight: 1.3 lbs (589gm)

* Camera: Front- and rear-facing cameras

* Processor & OS: Runs on 1 GHz dual-core processor with Android 3.0 Honeycomb

* Price: To be announced

* Availability: March

HP TouchPad


* Screen: 9.7 inches multitouch screen

* Weight: 1.6 pounds (0.7 kg)

* Camera: There’s a front-facing 1.3 MP camera for video calling. However, there is no camera on the back panel.

* Processor & OS: Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-CPU APQ8060 1.2-GHz processor; will be the first to use WebOS OS which HP got when it acquired Palm.

Price: To be announced

Availability: Middle of the year likely

Wonder what are the hottest technologies for 2011? Technologies and trends that will rule in the year 2011. Let’s take a look at this week post, 10 Hottest & Strategic Technologies for 2011. The list highlights the technologies and trends that will be strategic for most organisations in 2011. strategic technology as one with the potential for significant impact on the enterprise in the next three years. A strategic technology may be an existing technology that has matured and/or become suitable for a wider range of uses. It may also be an emerging technology that offers an opportunity for strategic business advantage for early adopters or with potential for significant market disruption in the next five years. Here’s over to the top 10 strategic technologies for 2011.


Mobile apps and media tablets

Mobile devices are becoming computers in their own right, with an astounding amount of processing ability and bandwidth. There are already hundreds of thousands of applications for platforms like the Apple iPhone, in spite of the limited market (only for the one platform) and need for unique coding. Many research estimates that by the end of 2010, 1.2 billion people will carry handsets capable of rich, mobile commerce providing an ideal environment for the convergence of mobility and the Web.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services exist along a spectrum from open public to closed private. The next three years will see the delivery of a range of cloud service approaches that fall between these two extremes. Vendors will offer packaged private cloud implementations that deliver the vendor’s public cloud service technologies (software and/or hardware) and methodologies (ie, best practices to build and run the service) in a form that can be implemented inside the consumer’s enterprise. Many will also offer management services to remotely manage the cloud service implementation.

Next-gen analytics

Increasing compute capabilities of computers including mobile devices along with improving connectivity are enabling a shift in how businesses support operational decisions. It is becoming possible to run simulations or models to predict the future outcome, rather than to simply provide backward looking data about past interactions, and to do these predictions in real-time to support each individual business action.
While this may require significant changes to existing operational and business intelligence infrastructure, the potential exists to unlock significant improvements in business results and other success rates.

Fabric-based infrastructure and computers

A fabric-based computer is a modular form of computing where a system can be aggregated from separate building-block modules connected over a fabric or switched backplane. In its basic form, a fabric-based computer comprises a separate processor, memory, I/O, and offload modules (GPU, NPU, etc.) that are connected to a switched interconnect and, importantly, the software required to configure and manage the resulting system(s).

The fabric-based infrastructure (FBI) model abstracts physical resources – processor cores, network bandwidth and links and storage – into pools of resources that are managed by the Fabric Resource Pool Manager (FRPM), software functionality. The FRPM in turn is driven by the Real Time Infrastructure (RTI) Service Governor software component. An FBI can be supplied by a single vendor or by a group of vendors working closely together, or by an integrator – internal or external.

Context-Aware computing

Context-aware computing centers on the concept of using information about an end user or object’s environment, activities connections and preferences to improve the quality of interaction with that end user.
The end user may be a customer, business partner or employee. A contextually aware system anticipates the user’s needs and proactively serves up the most appropriate and customized content, product or service.

Storage Class Memory

Huge use of flash memory in consumer devices, entertainment equipment and other embedded IT systems. It also offers a new layer of the storage hierarchy in servers and client computers that has key advantages – space, heat, performance and ruggedness among them.

Unlike RAM, the main memory in servers and PCs, flash memory is persistent even when power is removed. In that way, it looks more like disk drives where information is placed and must survive power-downs and reboots. Given the cost premium, simply building solid state disk drives from flash will tie up that valuable space on all the data in a file or entire volume, while a new explicitly addressed layer, not part of the file system, permits targeted placement of only the high-leverage items of information that need to experience the mix of performance and persistence available with flash memory.

Social analytics

Social analytics describes the process of measuring, analyzing and interpreting the results of interactions and associations among people, topics and ideas. These interactions may occur on social software applications used in the workplace, in internally or externally facing communities or on the social web. Social analytics is an umbrella term that includes a number of specialized analysis techniques such as social filtering, social-network analysis, sentiment analysis and social-media analytics. Social network analysis tools are useful for examining social structure and interdependencies as well as the work patterns of individuals, groups or organizations. Social network analysis involves collecting data from multiple sources, identifying relationships, and evaluating the impact, quality or effectiveness of a relationship.

Ubiquitous computing

The work of Mark Weiser and other researchers at Xerox’s PARC paints a picture of the coming third wave of computing where computers are invisibly embedded into the world.

As computers proliferate and as everyday objects are given the ability to communicate with RFID tags and their successors, networks will approach and surpass the scale that can be managed in traditional centralized ways. This leads to the important trend of imbuing computing systems into operational technology, whether done as calming technology or explicitly managed and integrated with IT.
In addition, it gives us important guidance on what to expect with proliferating personal devices, the effect of consumerisation on IT decisions, and the necessary capabilities that will be driven by the pressure of rapid inflation in the number of computers for each person.

Social communication and collaboration

Social media can be divided into:

1. Social networking-social profile management products, such as MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Friendster as well as social networking analysis (SNA) technologies that employ algorithms to understand and utilize human relationships for the discovery of people and expertise.

2. Social collaboration technologies, such as wikis, blogs, instant messaging, collaborative office, and crowdsourcing.

3. Social publishing-technologies that assist communities in pooling individual content into a usable and community accessible content repository such as YouTube and flickr.

4. Gaining feedback and opinion from the community on specific items as witnessed on YouTube, flickr, Digg,, and Amazon

Video 2.0

Video is not a new media form, but its use as a standard media type used in non-media companies is expanding rapidly. Technology trends in digital photography, consumer electronics, the Web, social software, unified communications, digital and Internet-based television and mobile computing are all reaching critical tipping points that bring video into the mainstream.

Over the next three years video will become a commonplace content type and interaction model for most users, and by 2013, more than 25 percent of the content that workers see in a day will be dominated by pictures, video or audio.

Do you predict any Hot Technology trend for 2011 which is missed out, let us know…

I previously posted on the top 10 HDTVs and one of my friend asked me to have a post about the top 10 best laptop around today, also bcoz he is buying a new one and he got no better person than me to research on it ;). Offcourse the most common question we get around is simple: “What laptop should I buy?” Being a generally difficult person by nature, I usually respond with my own series of questions, why do you need a laptop for, whats your cost range, what screen size u need, what other features and they go on and on…But sometimes people just want a simple suggestion, based on what I actually like. So, here is a jargon-free list of the current crop of laptops that I’m digging, either because they give you good bang for your buck, they excel in their specific category, or because they just plain rock. I have not listed out the e2e specs and price, which you could easily find it out on the web..

Dell Inspiron 15R/14/17


This is the Value for money laptop from Dell you can go either go for 14/15R/17 I think they are equally good, It’s among the basic ones in the market but still got quite good hardware which includes core i3 processor from Intel with 3 GB of RAM.On demand graphics card and increase in battery life by upgrading to 9cell lithium battery.
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 (2.2GHz), RAM: 4GB (!), Hard Disk Size: 320 GB, Display: 14″ High Definition Wide Screen, Battery Life: 6.5 Hrs. Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit OS

HP Pavilion dv7-4183cl


The HP Pavilion dv7-4183cl’s new components, including a faster Core i5 processor, 6GB of DDR3 memory (from 4GB), and bigger battery, are more dominant than anything else you can buy at this price. Sexy metallic design. Even bigger battery now, which delivered 6 hours of battery life. Big, bright screen. Spacious, fast 500GB drive. Blu-ray drive included. Terrific speaker system.

Sony VAIO VPC-Z1390X


The Sony VAIO VPC-Z1390X is, hands down, the lightest and most powerful ultraportable money can buy. It lead medium budget market when it comes to the look and feel of the device, but lags on the hardware front where as it’s competitor give much better hardware in the same price. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T9900 (3.06GHz), RAM: 4 GB, Hard Disk Size: 250 GB, Display:Battery Life: 6.5 Hrs, Operating System: Windows 7 Premium 64bit

Macbook Pro


Not a big deal on Apple, but by far is the best Laptop in the market. Not because of the hardware it provides but because of the features, final product finishing and combinations it offers. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.26 GHz), RAM: 3 GB, Hard Disk Size: 250 GB, Display: 13.3″ With 1280 x 800 Resolution, Battery Life: 7 Hours (!), Operating System: Mac OS Tiger

HP Compaq 6730b


Compaq Presario is a value for money laptop and HP has sold lot of these equipments. It’s better finished as compared to it’s competitor Dell Studio. Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 ( 2.4 GHz)
RAM: 2 GB, Hard Disk Size: 320GB, Display:15.4″ WXGA BrightView display, Battery Life: 6 Hrs, Operating System: Windows 7 Pro :

Acer Aspire


The Acer Aspire AS5745-7247 is one sweet laptop deal, putting in parts and features you don’t normally get at these prices. A $600 laptop, for instance, will usually use a budget processor like an AMD Athlon or Intel Pentium and a hard drive no bigger than 320GB, But Aspire comes with Fast Core i3 processor. Great battery scores. Whopping 640GB of storage. Lightweight. Excellent user experience.

Gateway ID49C13u


The Gateway ID49C13u seduces with an aluminum design that not many can pull off for $850, let alone put in premium components like a Core i5 processor and Nvidia Geforce GT 330M graphics. Powerful Core i5 processor. Switchable graphics with a good Nvidia chip. Inexpensive. Four USB ports. Great battery life.

Toshiba Satellite T235-S1350


Toshiba’s latest CULV-equipped laptop, the Satellite T235-S1350, has all the key laptop essentials for an unbeatable price. Very aggressively priced. Exquisitely thin and lightweight. White design is vibrant. Excellent battery life. HDMI and eSATA included. Excellent keyboard. Wide touchpad.

Dell Latitude E5510


The affordable Dell Latitude E5510 business laptop comes complete with a durable frame, excellent user experience, and the performance you would expect from a Latitude laptop. Inexpensive, for the Latitude line. Durable chassis. Excellent keyboard. Soft mouse buttons. The 1,600 by 900 resolution. Good processor for the money. Huge battery delivered 7 hours.

Lenovo IdeaPad V460


Lenovo IdeaPad V460 have Intel Core i5-450M-HM55 processor and Windows 7 Professional 32bits , 1.3 Mega pixels Camera, 4 Giga Bytes DDR3 (1066MHz) RAM, 320GB 5400rpm HDD, 14.0 HD LED Glare and 6 Cell.This laptop is reasonably good on hardware front but it’s looks and battery is what really pushes it backwards, and there is no customisation option for the same. This is a medium budget laptop.

You’ve been watching television all of your life, and all of a sudden, along comes HDTV (High Definition TV). This new technology might seem incredibly costly, confusing, and unnecessary but it doesn’t need to be an incomprehensible morass of technical terms, jargon, and marketing hype. Believe it or not, it’s pretty darn simple: HDTV simply gives a better picture. Whether you want an ultra-thin LCD, a plasma set, a budget-friendly DLP, or even a 3D TV, here is the list of top-rated television for you.

First you need to figure out which type of television to get: Do you want the deep dark blacks that plasma does best? Or would you rather have a slim, energy-efficient LED-backlit model you can mount on a wall? How about a budget-friendly big-screen DLP with 3D? Then you need to settle on a brand, a screen size, and your must-have features. No small feat, but the 10 best HDTVs list is a good place to start.

Samsung PNC8000 series


The First Choice is looking @ Samsung PNC8000 Series, that one that stands out is Samsung’s PN58C8000 58-inch 3D-ready plasma HDTV delivers top-notch picture quality, is beautifully designed, and comes with a wealth of Web apps. Highlights include bright-room performance, color accuracy, and video processing. The Price Tag ranges from $1500 upto $2500.

Panasonic TC-PVT20/25 series


The 3D TV on this list is also one of the best 2D HDTVs. This plasma’s overall black-level performance beats that of any of the other sets on this list (even after they fade slightly), and its improved THX mode and antiglare screen up the ante from 2009. And yes, 3D glasses are included. The Price Tag ranges from $1500 upto $2500.

Sony Bravia KDL-55HX800


The 55-inch LED-backlit Bravia KDL-55HX800 delivers solid 3D imagery, and an even-better 2D picture. Features are plentiful, but you’ll pay dearly for this cutting-edge HDTV. Current Price: $2,600

Samsung LN55C650


There’s a lot to like about Samsung’s 55-inch LN55C650 LCD HDTV, from its outstanding HD and SD picture quality to its well-stocked catalog of interactive Web apps. Current Price: $1,700

LG 47LE5500


A slim and good-looking 47-inch HDTV featuring power-saving LED backlighting, the LG 47LE5500 features accurate colors, and offers a nice assortment of widgets and other interactive Web goodies. And now that you can get it for about 25 percent off the list price, it’s even more attractive. Current Price: $1,500

Vizio XVT553SV


Vizio’s 55-inch XVT553SV LED HDTV delivers big-screen goodness and a strong feature set at a very reasonable price. Current Price: $1,700

LG Infinia 47LX9500


With its slender profile, ultra-thin bezel, and edge-to-edge glass, LG’s 47-inch LED- backlit HDTV is a thing of beauty. And with solid 2D and 3D image quality and deep blacks, the picture isn’t bad either. It’s just a little pricey for a 47-inch set. Current Price: $2,700

Mitsubishi WD-60738


The 60-inch Mitsubishi WD-60738 delivers lots of screen real estate at a very reasonable price. The set’s 3D-image quality is outstanding, but since it’s a DLP TV, its bulky and has some uniformity and viewing-angle issues. Current Price: $1,400

Sharp Aquos LC-52LE820UN


With its Quattron line, Sharp is the first HDTV manufacturer to add a fourth color to the traditional RGB filter. When we tested the Aquos LC-52LE820UN we liked its accurate, bright, colorful, picture, but we dinged the set for its lofty $3K price tag. But now you can get it for almost half-off list price. Current Price: $1,700

Toshiba 55UX600U


An energy efficient 55-inch LED-backlit HDTV, Toshiba’s 55UX600U delivers good high- and standard-definition image quality along with a wealth of Web features. But if you’re planning on doing a lot of dark-room movie viewing, this isn’t the set for you. Current Price: $1,500

Panasonic TC-PG20/25 series


This TV’s deep black levels, accurate color, and the typical uniformity advantages of plasma over LCD–excellent off-angle fidelity, uniform brightness, and color across the screen–will tempt videophiles. Its lower price than others on the list will tempt everyone else. The Price Tag ranges from $1000 upto $1500.

And Finally follow this Simple 10 tips while shopping for your HDTV this festive season:

1. Genuine HDTV? A minimum of 1280 x 720 pixels — or little points of light — means you’re in genuine HDTV waters, while EDTVs (enhanced definition TV), offer lower resolutions. Make sure you go with true HDTV. And absolutely make sure the set has at least one HDMI connection port that supports 1080p and supports HDCP, the connection and protocol that guarantees you’ll be able to plug in a Blue-Ray or HD-DVD DVD player, as well as receive and view copy protected broadcasts.

2. Slim is in. The popular plasma type HDTVs tout generally “truer blacks” when it comes to contrast, while LCD, which costs more per inch, is typically brighter. Huge, boxy, rear projection sets are cheap, but the viewing angle and brightness can be spotty. Consider an HDTV projector if you want to fill a whole wall. Lastly, experts agree that “tube” type HDTVs have the best picture, and apart from the fact they’re a dying breed, you’ll need to recruit half a football team to haul one into the house.

3. My favorite movie. Test drive potential HDTV purchases with your own DVD. Colorful, fast-moving titles like “Pirates of the Caribbean” work best. Pay special attention to the set’s ability to handle quick action without the picture breaking up. A faster “response rate” means no blocky pixels when watching the Super Bowl. And be ready for a little shocker: Channels that are not broadcast in HD won’t look very pretty and some will look downright ugly, because the poor quality of standard broadcast gets magnified – and uglified – by your new, super-sharp screen.

4. How hi is up? Cable channels that offer HD generally broadcast in 720p, which is great quality, while some transmit in 1080i, which is even higher, though many debate on whether it’s actually better. Most HDTVs offer some or all of three resolutions: 480p, 720p, 1080i. Some of the latest HDTVs are beginning to offer 1080p, but they cost more. Get at least 720p and 1080i capability in your choice.

5. Tune in or out? To grab free, local high-def network channels over the air with an antenna, make sure your HDTV has a built-in tuner. For beyond-basic cable or satellite subscribers, consider an HDTV-capable “display,” or “monitor,” which leaves out the built-in tuner to save some bucks.

6. Good connections. While most HDTVs have component (red, green and blue) video inputs to connect to your cable, satellite tuner and DVD player, double check to make sure. Two or more sets means no swapping cables between cable and DVD and Xbox 360, for instance. Also, I repeat — make sure your new HDTV has an HDMI input with HDCP support — the connection and anti-piracy combo that future-proofs your purchase for years to come.

7. Plugging in. Connect your gear together using the highest resolution connections possible. DVI/HDMI is highest, followed by component, S-Video, plain Video-in, and finally the lowliest of low-quality lows, old fashioned Coax. HDTV cable and video games require at least the component connection, while hi-def Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players will plug in to the HDMI port for the highest resolution possible.

8. Wide or Not. You can choose between showing bars on either side of a non-widescreen program so that the image looks correct, or you can zoom it to fill the screen. But doing so will squash and widen people and objects. Experiment with the TV’s remote, and your cable or satellite box’s remote, to attain the best look.

9. Make Adjustments. HDTVs ship from the factory with the settings cranked up high in order to show off on the showroom floor. At home, kick things down a few notches by choosing the built-in picture preset settings like “Sports,” or “Vivid,” or “Natural.” Tune to a program with dark and light scenery (or use a DVD), to help find the picture-perfect balance.

10. Surrounded by Sound. Now that you’re feasting your eyes on a super hi-def picture, don’t forget the sound. HDTV boasts Cineplex-like surround sound – providing you have a receiver and speaker system to hear it. Those “Home Theater in a Box” systems have DVD players built-in, or consider a separate receiver and speaker system if you plan to buy a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD player. And make sure to use the “optical” or “digital audio” sound outputs from your HDTV cable or satellite or video game box when you connect to the receiver – that way you’re sure to be surround by the best possible sound around.