Google Deleted Search Results for Copyright Infringement: Statistics

Posted: May 27, 2012 in All Categories
Google Copyright Tool

Google Copyright Tool

There is a brand new tool from Google will now provide detailed information about the organizations and their takedown requests for search results linking to “material that allegedly infringes copyrights.” The number one and two requesters of takedowns? Microsoft and NBC Universal. Since 2011, Google’s pulled down results for 1,255,402 URLs with being the number one targeted domain.

So do you own something that is copyrighted but used illegally by others and ranks higher in Google then this tool will guide you through the process of reporting content that you believe warrants removal from Google’s services based on applicable laws, you need to fill up a simple web form for review.

Further Google now also discloses requests from government agencies and courts around the world to remove content from our services and hand over user data. In this report, we disclose the number of requests we receive from each government in six-month periods with certain limitations.

Since Google complies with the requirements of the DMCADigital Millennium Copyright Act is a U.S. law that provides qualifying online service providers like Google with a safe harbor from monetary liability for copyright infringement claims. One of the requirements of these safe harbor provisions is that the service provider remove or disable access to allegedly infringing material upon receiving a request that meets certain requirements, this as been a long practice of google right from the beginning but now they publicly disclosing such information sounds interesting and those top domains in the radar maybe in a tough ride..


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