Countries which tweet the Most…

Posted: January 15, 2012 in All Categories
Tweets by Country

Tweets by Country

Social Media cartographer Eric Fischer has created this map illustrating physical movement and the movement of tweets: green denotes physical movement; purple is @replies from someone in one location to someone in another; white is a combination of the two.

One surprising feature of Fischer’s map is the traffic in and out of Indonesia. According to a 2010 study, about 21% of Indonesians are on Twitter, making them the most Twitter-addicted nation. Possible reasons for this might include their large population (nearly 240 million), cheap access to mobile devices and English as a commonly spoken language.

Just took a quick look at Alexa it seems Indonesia does not even comes under top 10 countries that sends traffic to twitter. Here is the percentage break up for some countries on top- United States 25.3% , Japan 7.7% , India 6.0%, United Kingdom 5.1% , Brazil 4.0%, Spain 3.8%, Mexico 3.7%, Russia 3.4%, Germany 2.8% France 2.6% and so on, so the credibility of this map remains debated..


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