Steve Jobs Death Tweet !

Posted: September 11, 2011 in All Categories, tech news


Yup, the offending Tweet was sent from the Twitter account of What’s Trending, a web series independently produced by Disrupt Group and anchored by Disrupt co-founder Shira Lazar, they had sent out an erroneous Tweet yesterday saying that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had died.

Although her original Tweet was quickly deleted, it spread instantly through the blogosphere. And with embarrassing headlines attributing the blunder to CBS, the damage had been done. CBS News executives moved quickly on Friday to oust Lazar and What’s Trending from its web site, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Executives informed CBS Interactive to remove from all material related to Lazar and What’s Trending.

From Ms Lazar’s blog on her website: ” We’ve learned a lot in the process of creating this show and blog from scratch. I remind myself and the team constantly about our goal to not just report news, but make news.” Congrats on achieving your goal. What can I say about today’s media…

The irony is that a program called What’s Trending wouldn’t know that this Steve Jobs death rumor has been around for years, ever since he first became ill and took a leave of absence.

It is unfortunate but inaccurate death rumors happen weekly on Twitter. They all require substantiation before being reported as fact. Surely not the first time there has been a hastily Tweeted inaccurate message but it seems like CBS News has chosen to cut all their ties to the company/program/website after working together for 6 months which is a surprise to everyone. Zero tolerance.

Also Lazar’s false Jobs tweet was followed Friday by the hacking of the NBC News Twitter account with hackers posting bogus tweets claiming that a civilian airliner had been hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center site in New York. The incident is being investigated by the FBI cyber crimes unit. The Tweets were quickly removed and NBC News anchor Brian Williams apologized on Friday’s Nightly News for the “scare that could have been caused by such a reckless and irresponsible act.”

No comments on this, but this somehow is the hot news in tech blogsphere…

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