Google+ versus Facebook: :Let the Game Begin !!

Posted: July 3, 2011 in All Categories, Tech Encore, Tech Society

Google’s new Social Networking Site Google+ is up and running , which people have already started to refer as G+. After the failure in Orkut, Wave, Buzz and many more similar networking services this is fresh new attempt from Google to tackle on Facebook.

Earlier this week, Google launched this new social networking service called Google+. Google+ is Google’s latest service in the social networking segment and will compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter. If you spend time on Google or any of its services, then you may have seen the new black menu bar. Many wondered if this was just some new design from Google. As it turns out, that black bar is a sign from Google that something big is coming. That something is Google+.

Google+ is the newest of Google’s projects to go into invitation beta. Most of the services Google launch are made available in US first, just like the invites for Google Music. Similarly, Google+ is also invite only right now and you can apply for an invite directly. There are no direct invites being sent out right now but you can get yourself an invite by visiting this link. Additionally, you can learn more about Google+ service by visiting this link. A demo is also right here
From the looks of it, this one definitely looks interesting.

Difference Between Google+ and Facebook:

• Google+ is the latest effort by Google to garner a chunk of space in the social networking platform which is currently dominated by Facebook
• Facebook has an estimated 500 million members whereas Google+ is only in its experimental stage
• Google+ has some new, innovative features like Circles, Sparks, and hangouts that are absent in Facebook
• Photo upload in Google+ is instant as against a time consuming process in Facebook
• Only time will tell if Google+ can take on the might of Facebook but it certainly has attractive features to lure potential members

One of the Biggest difference between FB and G+ would be with “the ability to share just the right things with the right people. Circles makes it easy to put your friends from Saturday night in one circle, your parents in another, and your boss in a circle by himself- just like real life. And we built Google+ on top of Google’s existing products so the experience is fun and simple to use. For people who already use Google every day, this is just an upgrade.”

It is not yet the time to say who is better. But Facebook has the advantage of being first successful social network and has built a nation in seven years. Google is a very popular brand with lot of fans and cults but Google plus has yet to start growing its circle. Google has advantage of having a lot of other web apps and features like Gmail, maps, web search, Picasa, Docs, voice and video chat, readers and lot more. Google has already integrated the G+ with all other of its service. Google have phone OS and going to pioneer OS for cloud user. Facebook has also plans for its own phone OS and have a good partnership with Microsoft.

So are you ready to switch from FB to G+ ?

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