How to get Cloud Girlfriend on Facebook ??

Posted: April 10, 2011 in All Categories, Web Services

If your friends come to know that you paid to have a fake girlfriend you will become a laughing stock. that is much worse than not able to have a girlfriend. But lets keep that aside and see at a interesting new service offering a very unusual Startup 🙂 “”CLOUD GIRLFRIEND”” ???


Do you want to change your ‘single’ status on Facebook to ‘in a relationship’? Well, a new service is here to help you. A fake companion service, called ‘Cloud Girlfriend’, is being launched for the lonely hearts.

The service promises users with empty Facebook walls the chance to make their friends jealous. So, how does it work?

You just have to describe your dream girlfriend to the company, which then creates a fake profile and starts sending pokes your way.

The instructions on the ‘Cloud Girlfriend’ website read:

1: Define your perfect girlfriend.

2: We bring her into existence.

3: Connect and interact with her publicly on your favourite social network.

4: Enjoy a public long distance relationship with your perfect girl.

There are too many things from an ID protection point of view, a privacy point of view, using the net with best practice in terms of safety and online safety and security, helping young people to use it in a positive way and using social networking in a positive way. This opens the door to serious problems jumping up, What do you think.

Check there Website: people have swamped it already ;))

The “perfect girlfriend” then sends you public messages on your Facebook wall, so you can deceive your friends into thinking you have a girlfriend as well as make you feel like you have a companion.

Cloud Girlfriend will consist of a network of real human beings, not automated bots, that users will interact with over Facebook.
It can help guys get a girlfriend. If visitors to your Facebook profile to see wall posts from your imaginary sweetheart, they might think, “Someone else thinks highly enough of this person to date him, so maybe I should too.”

Cloud Girlfriend is not a porn site or adult chat service. (Although it does remind us a hotline where you can talk to someone of the opposite sex if you’re lonely.) The site has a therapeutic value and can fulfill psychological needs like intimacy and friendship even though the interaction is virtual. He also maintains that these interactions can even build self confidence and help users navigate real-life situations.

Oh and keep in mind that April Fools’ Day is over, so any dumb tech news you hear could either be fake or just plain dumb. Sometimes both.

I will be posting some cool tech startups in my upcoming posts so keep checking back..

  1. Riley Amateur says:

    You can’t run a government solely on a business basis… Government should be human. It should have a heart.

  2. Patricia Vynchester says:

    Good Post

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