Chrome 10 Beta: Quite impressive than others.

Posted: February 20, 2011 in All Categories, Apps, Software, Tech Encore

I am now addicted to browse only on Google Chrome, not sure of why I like it compared to other browsers :). But I thought the high speed browser was lacking its shine and crashing quite often now a days, but last week a new beta shows up and shatters that impression. Last Thursday, the search titan announced a new Chrome 10 beta that boosts JavaScript performance by a substantial 66 percent, as measured by Google’s own V8 benchmark, and implements GPU-accelerated video playing. The beta also changes the way users set options, and lets them sync passwords. So I am using the beta quite a while now and thought it would be fine to review its performance.


In my own speed tests on a 2.6-GHz dual-core system, Chrome 10 beta showed significant improvements on Google’s V8 benchmark and Mozilla’s Kraken, but on Webkit’s SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark, it was nearly identical, and still trailed Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate’s 231ms.

V8 BenchMark Suite.

V8 BenchMark Suite.

Writing in a post entitled “Faster than a speeding rabbit: speed, sync, and settings” on the Google Chrome Blog, product manager Jeff Chang and product marketing manager Li Chan described the GPU video acceleration: “Users with capable graphics hardware should see a significant decrease in CPU usage. In full screen mode, CPU usage may decrease by as much as 80%! This means better battery life so you can keep going and going like that pink bunny in the commercials.”

Beyond performance, the new beta adds a couple of other new user features. Users can now sync saved site passwords on multiple computers. The released version already allows syncing of bookmarks, preferences, themes, and extensions. The new feature also allows for encryption of the synced password if the user chooses that measure of extra security.

The Settings interface has been redesigned, displaying on the Web page area, rather than a separate dialog. This follows a longstanding trend in Chrome towards making every function look like a Web page—just as it does with History, Downloads, and Extension settings. Also new for settings is a search box, where you can just type in the function you’re looking for and set it on the resulting page.

The new version will likely make it to the stable release channel some time in the next few weeks: Chrome versions have been coming out at a pace of once every three months—more frequently than any other major browser. To try out the beta for yourself, head to the Google Chrome Beta download page, or change your current Chrome release channel to the beta on the channel changer page.

Overall, Chrome 10 beta brings a 66% increase in performance in the V8 benchmark over the current stable version (version 9). The boost is thanks to the new Crankshaft engine, which adds more aggressive optimizations to the V8 JavaScript engine. Opera 11.10 (codenamed Barracuda) on the other hand is at a very early stage right now. It adds support for Web Open Font Format and changes the behavior of the browser to be more compatible with other browsers.

With this the browser War heats up has never before..

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