Quit using Paypal for online Transactions…

Posted: December 26, 2010 in All Categories

It’s been about 8 months since I stopped using paypal, the reason, sorry they don’t need a reason for freezing your account, there were so many horror stories linked to paypal, and recently the cases have just sky-rocketed, so decided to put up a blog post to beware users using Paypal (aka. the devil themselves) for your online transaction, just why freely give up your hard earned money to this Online thieves.


First let’s hear from there own words, According to PayPal accepting their ToS (Terms of Service) in effect means you waive your rights to credit card consumer protection laws if you want to use their service, and that you may not issue a chargeback for unauthorized use of your credit card and PayPal account, or if you do, then they have the right to limit your account. Is this legal?

Their terms of service are not completely disclosed upon signup and some key “conditions” are not disclosed. They fail to mention their total lack of security to prevent your account from being compromised by phishing & spoof sites. That if your account is accessed by a criminal using one of these methods, PayPal will hold YOU monetarily & legally responsible! Also, no place do they openly tell potential members that their money is 100% at risk. That PayPal can, will, and has in the past, completely cleaned out customers’ accounts, (including your checking or savings account) with no appeals process available. Instead they bury in the fine print of 37 pages of their “Terms of Service” (ToS) where they disclose to you that PayPal can close your account for any reason what-so-ever, or no reason, and then you have to wait 180 days to get your money. Think that’ll never happen?

If you want to complain about it, Paypal seems more than happy to give you the run around with Terrible Customer Service including extra long hold times, delays, and dead-end auto-responder e-mails, Their customer service is horrible. They used to hide their telephone number, (intentionally – by their own admission) and only provided support via “form” emails, Just try it yourself.

This is the general spam mail you get from them “Thank you for contacting PayPal. We apologize for the delay in respondingto your service request. After review, the decision has been made to keep your account limited. This decision cannot be appealed. If you have any further questions, please reply to this email. ”

About horror story just try “Paypal sucks” on google or Youtube you are dreaded with videos which you can watch your entire life,, here is sample one with a actual conversation with paypal customer suppoer, they accept cheating is the way they do the Business:

There are multiple sites spurted up bewaring people of paypal a few of them are http://www.paypalsucks.com/ & http://www.aboutpaypal.org/ & http://www.screw-paypal.com/ & http://www.paypalwarning.com & the list never ends again…

In conclusion, PayPal looks great…until they freeze you for no reason, no one to blame because they are private entity and don’t come with any banking or federal regulations at all,, PayPal earns MILLIONS of dollars in interest from your frozen funds. Paypal is the biggest SCAM the online world has ever seen yet they run there business like King. The Biggest Joke being using paypal with Ebay, be careful you may not only loose your amount using paypal but also may never get your product either, Feel free to visit the sites above and get to know shocking information about paypal yourself, its time to stand up to crooks operating like this, if you have horror story comment them here so everyone is aware of it and they save there hard earned money..

I have found the best alternative to paypal which is ALertPay, its 100 times better than paypal with no such worries like limited account, etc.
You can signup and give it a try << CLICK HERE >>

Best Alternative to Paypal

Best Alternative to Paypal

  1. windel says:

    I Hate PAYpaL they sucks from core.. this post rocks..

  2. Randy_M says:

    Absolutely true post, I have lost my money but my dreams to those M***F**, sorry I have no words to bare them,,

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Noor. Noor said: Quit using Paypal for online Transactions… « Ravi Kanth L – Tech …: It's been about 8 mon… http://bit.ly/eRrwjS http://bit.ly/82hPkw […]

  4. John_R says:

    Today without warning Paypal “closed” my account with $5,772.91 dollars in it. They say on the website and in several calls I made to them that they will not release the money due to a routine credit scan they made and didn’t like what they read in my equifax credit report.

    What closed means by their definition is I can’t take the money out and I earn no interest on the money for 6 months. Almost 2 months have gone by since this happened and this is still the situation. They say when I signed up for Paypal I signed a standard agreement that says they can freeze the money in my account any time they want to. I strongly suspect they are earning interest on the money and, in effect, this is a scam on their part to make millions of dollars. I have 100% positive feedback as a seller on eBay (which owns paypal) and I’ve sold over 100 items. I have a feedback score of 86 with many of these being repeat business that doesn’t cause the feedback number to increase. The money was frozen from an auction in which all the winning bidders gave me positive feedback except for one non-paying bidder in Italy who never sent the money despite repeated emails so, of course, I never sent him the item. (The amount of the non-paying bidder is $500.00 — but since he never sent any money by Paypal or any other means I fail to see how this could play a roll in the “closed” account).

    Periodic non-paying bidders are, unfortunately, a fact of life on eBay — fortunately a rare one in my experience. The other eight winning auctions of the “freeze” auction all gave me not just positive but glowing feedbacks saying they both received the items I sent them and were extremely happy with them. Without the money from PayPal there is a very good chance I will lose my family home as well as my mother’s home we are attempting to bring up to code. I, my wife, and two sons have lived in our family home for around 18 years. My mother, before she was institutionalized lived in her house (with my father, me and my sister in the earlier days) for around 50 years. We were planning on renting out my mother’s house to help pay for the expenses of her staying at Alzheimer Gated communities which charge $3,500.00 a month and more.

  5. Josh says:

    A good entry, thanks. One should think about that more often.

  6. Ravi Kanth says:

    Woey, not even a single day complete and so many complaints, John feel real bad about that, did u get your money back..

    I don’t know how can these cheaters still survive all this… I bet one day they are going down for sure…

  7. Biggie says:

    Even I have lot of bad experience, if your account gets frozen, which happens to atleast 50% of paypal members, don’t matter what your money is gone, they freeze your account for year… B******S

  8. Vinay_J says:

    Absolutely Agree, Paypal should be banned for ever,

  9. Ravi Kanth says:

    On occasion, Paypal freezes accounts when it decides that the terms of its service have been violated for some reason. A number of people have complained that their accounts have been frozen unfairly, you can find their stories on sites like this one PayPal Sucks.

    At this point, try to resolve the problem by phone. Paypal doesn’t publicize its customer support number (offcourse they know many times they cheat a lot and don’t want to give your money so easily), but here it is: (888) 221-1161 . Have all the information about your account handy, including the letter they sent you.

    If you still can’t resolve the problem, you can join a class action lawsuit filed against PayPal by attorneys Girard, Gibbs & De Bartolomeo LLP. The suit alleges that PayPal “fails to provide necessary information, such as an address and telephone number, so that its customers can easily report erroneous financial transactions, that PayPal unlawfully freezes consumers accounts, and that PayPal fails to fully compensate consumers damaged by erroneous financial transactions.

  10. Ateya says:

    thanks a lot to all for this web site! there must be a better way for paypal to fight back the scammers! most of the sellers on ebay are good, hard work people! why some one like my self has had to shut his business down for no fauilt, or proven wrong doing! because paypal has a very unfair, lousy security metthods? paypal may stop this stupid way of instant payment! just accept payment, then verify, then notify both sellers and buyers, give both 24 hours for verification! they run their business in a very stupid way, why a seller has to suffer if one of the customer is a crock!!paypal can protect itself, and the honest sellersbuyers, by creating a better system!to serve all !!

  11. James Cross says:

    I opened an account to have some money wired to me for emergency and the account was limited the next day. Pay Pal said I would have to wait 180 days for what I could not use the account for anything , how could I have made purchases when the account never functioned ??

  12. Tim_Matthew says:

    I had this problem in the UK. Paypal’s customer service was the worst I’ve ever experienced. Rude and obtuse like you wouldn’t believe, I was supposed to wait 6 months (180 days), etc, etc. The site suddenly made no sense and asked for impossible documents that wouldn’t upload anyway.

    I just complained to the financial services ombudsman. They said they’d send a letter and wait a month before following it up. Three days before the end of the month, bad-a-bing, there was the money in the account , all working fine. Not that I’ll ever use paypal again…

  13. Leo Sigh says:

    PayPal just froze my account too and I did nothing wrong. They now have my funds that were just transferred into my account ‘frozen’ and when I tried to transfer them to my bank account (that’s linked with PayPal) the transfer was reversed.

    I will NO longer do business with PayPal and am joining a new class action lawsuit in the US.

  14. Ravi Kanth says:

    Finally here is the Best alternative for Paypal: http://tiny.cc/rmp3v

    They have improved so much in the last few years, and they have over 2 million members. For any company, you hear bad things and good things. From what I’ve read, most of the bad is by fraudsters that AlertPay shut down and caught. Most people rarely mention their good experiences they’ve had with a company, so let me not be one of them. AlertPay is a great company and I’m very happy with their service. They are a fantastic Paypal alternative.

  15. jim says:

    i hate pyapal..

  16. Trimagema says:

    This enter is exceptionally interesting. I set aside it in google serp. Can you notation some more regarding it?

    Successful Up!

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