How hackers can crash a website within minutes…

Posted: December 12, 2010 in All Categories

Recently, websites of several global corporations have been at the recieving end of hacker attacks. WikiLeak ‘supporters’ are said to be plotting attacks on perceived enemies of the publisher, which has angered US authorities by releasing details of 250,000 confidential diplomatic cables. Websites of credit-card giants MasterCard and Visa were attacked by so-called WikiLeak supporters retaliating attempts to block the website. Using distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, hundreds of cyber activists joined forces and temporarily disabled computer servers by bombarding them with requests.


So in this week post let we see how these cyber activists / ‘hackers’ bring down a website:

Have you heard everyone as a “Weapon of Choice”, even hackers too and it’s simply called “LOIC“, This weapon of choice is a piece of software named a “Low Orbit Ion Cannon” (LOIC) which was developed to help Internet security experts test the vulnerability of a website to a DDoS attack. The LOIC is available for download on the Internet.

The LOIC can be controlled centrally by an administrator in an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel, a type of computer chat room, which can seize control of a network of computers whose combined power is used in a DDoS attack.

The attack is aimed at the target website and when the LOICs are activated they flood the website with a deluge of data requests at the same time. The DDoS attack prevents the overloaded server from responding to legitimate requests and slows down the website to a crawl or shuts it down totally. The attacks are coordinated in the IRC channel. During a recent attack around 3,000 people were active on the channel at one stage.

The current situation has some historical parallels to a decade ago, when, in February, 2000, several of the biggest US ecommerce and media sites came under attack in denial-of-service attacks. Targets included, eBay, E-Trade, and CNN, the news site.

The ecommerce sites endured substantial losses during the outages, at a time when the Internet shopping phenomenon remained in its infancy.

The above video was delivered by aliencode of a group of Internet activists calling themselves Operation Payback have taken credit for shutting down the website of a bank that earlier Monday froze funds belonging to WikiLeaks. Announcing its successful hack on a Twitter account, the group declared, “We will fire at anyone that tries to censor WikiLeaks.” Operation Payback also promised a hack attack on PayPal, the online payment service that last week cut off WikiLeaks, denying the group a major tool for collecting donations from supporters. A lot to come on this going forward, who knows which other major corporations are next in line, time will take us there…

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    pass it on

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    that’s bull shit. LOIC don’t crash a website it just blocks your IP

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    Nice! I’ll use this. -WilliamRules

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