Ten Hottest Concept Smartphones !!

Posted: September 19, 2010 in All Categories, Firmware, Gadgets, hardware, Smartphones

Ever wondered how mobile phones may look like, say, in another 5-10 years? What features they may offer: OLED screens, glass body, sensors…. ComputerWorld recently showcased a collection of futuristic phone designs. While some of these are from design firms, others are real prototypes from handset makers. Here’s over to 10 hot concept cellphones.

Kyocera Kinetic


Here’s a phone from Kyocera that unfolds from a wallet-shaped, pocket-friendly device into a widescreen OLED display. The kinetic-energy-powered concept phone comes with a physical keyboard that almost disappears when not is use. Courtesy, the keys that are inset into the phone’s frame.

Nokia Morph


Morph concept phone is a result of joint collaboration between Nokia Research Center (NRC) and Cambridge Nanoscience Centre (United Kingdom).

The concept phone is made of transparent and flexible material, can self-clean, and includes nano-sensors that can respond to the environment around. For example, the phone can sense airborne threats and alert users to them.

Bend in Touch


As the name suggests `Bend in Touch’ is a touchscreen phone from Ukrainian designer Andy Kurovets. The designer has placed a pop-out display that nearly doubles the screen space of the device. Thus, while one screen can handle, say, Internet browsing, the second can display videos.

Bracelet phone


Here’s a wearable phone that looks just like a bracelet. The concept phone with lots of buttons has a directional pad, camera button and keypad. According to Akihabara News, the phone is called a Kora Bracelet Phone and is made by Fujitsu.

Window Phone


How about a phone that tells you the weather literally? Yes, this Window Phone concept ‘illustrates’ the weather through the phone’s user interface. The mobile phone concept has been designed by designer Seunghan Song.



Here’s a multi-tasking phone? And here we are not talking about multi-tasking where you can switch between apps, but a phone that can actually be used for multi purposes. Here’s a designer phone that can be a game controller cum photo printer cum projector.

Separate Keitait


Separate Keitait is a touchscreen concept phone developed by Japan’s NTT Docomo. The phone features a separate screen and keypad linked together via Bluetooth. There are Magnets that join the two sides of the phone together when required.

According to the creators of the phone, the concept phone can allow a user to write an email while talking on the phone at the same time.

Pebble phone


Dubbed Pebble phone, the concept phone first appeared at the technology trade show CEATEC 2009. Developed by Fujitsu, the Pebble concept phone features a black blob encased in rounded glass.

When the blob is dragged to different areas on the phone, it can morph into different screens, including a keypad, a media player and a Web browser.

O2 concept phone


Known as O2 Mobile phone, the concept was inspired by `molecule esthetics’ of the oxygen molecule. Created by Tjep Design, it has a screen and a keypad.

Touch Wood


Here’s a concept phone made of wood. Developed jointly by NTT Docomo, Sharp and Olympus, the phone is a part of Touch Wood project. The mobile phone is built of surplus wood from forest-thinning operations, and is claimed to be waterproof and bug-resistant. The phone is also said to maintain the texture and aroma of natural wood.

  1. Toucnes says:

    Morph may rock…

  2. sesen says:

    Smartphones will rock the future…

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