The Best Undiscovered Website’s for Online Apps !! – Part 2

Posted: September 5, 2010 in All Categories, Apps, Gadgets, Software, Tech Encore, Web Services

I am back with “The Best Undiscovered Website’s for Online Apps !! – Part 2”, [For Part 1 of it you can check out this LINK !!] so let’s get it rolling from where we stopped last week and continue on our journey on the coolest and the best Undiscovered Website’s for Online Apps in this week blog, so without wasting time further here we go:



A excellent PDF editor with form filler and designer. You can add text, links and sticky notes, whiteout contents, draw shapes, add form fields or fill up forms. Maximum file size 2 MB or 50 pages per file for free accounts.



A nice tool to merge or split pdf files easily. You can merge up to 10 PDF files in one, extract or split pages in a PDF, subject to a maximum file size of 8 MB.

Nitro PDF


Nitro PDF offers free online conversion from PDF to Word/Excel via PDF-to-Word Converter and PDF-to-Excel Converter. Both are helpful and easy to use—choose the file you need, click the Convert button and check your inbox for the converted files. See also Free File Converter.



A great tool to upload and view documents of various formats in full screen, mark them private and accessible by a specific URL, share them with millions of readers, or embed the viewer into a website or blog.



The most common app to search and download Powerpoint presentations from the web, or upload and share your slides, word or pdf documents publicly or privately. You can also view slides in full screen, or read transcripts and outlines.



One of the Best Free Document Collaboration and a convenient tool to collaborate on PDFs, Word and Powerpoint documents. You can highlight, add or strike out text, and add a note to a document shared by an URL. Adding password protection is limited to paid-for accounts.

Time Online


Time Online “offers Time Sheet recording, reporting and invoicing with no restrictions on the number of projects or users. Invoicing is built in so there’s no need to have Excel installed.”



Klokoo waits you up at the alarm time you set for today or tomorrow. Easy to set up—just select a time, click set or stop the alarm clock with a selectable sound.


A Online notepad for you to write, save and sync snippets of text easily and quickly in a clean and simple interface. This service uses Google Accounts for signing in.

Zoho Notebook


Zoho Notebook does an amazing amount of things—you can save text, image, audio and video objects, aggregate them in one place, keep track of changes and share a whole book, page or just an object on a page by granting read/write permissions.



stores your notes on an endless ‘roll’ of virtual paper. You can create notes on the roll, drag and drop or cut and paste them with images and text, or access them by searching for keywords and so on.” Desktop software is for syncing notes across computers if needed.



Toodledo allows you to add and organize your tasks by folders, contexts, due dates and priorities, share your tasks with coworkers, friends or family. You can add multiple and repeated tasks, notes and tags, import and export your data or customize the service to suit your needs.



TeuxDeux gives you a week overview of what needs to do in a clean user interface. It’s easy to use—type in a box to add a task, move it to another day by drag and drop, or click to check off a done one or remove it.



Postica, a sticky note which is clean in design and easy to use, with a quick layout, filter, printer-friendly view, and allows you to attach a file to your sticky note too.



Needtomeet use a simple calendar and schedule a meeting time that works for everyone in three simple steps, no more emailing back and forth or wasting time to call everyone couple of times in a day.

That’s it for this week, do you think it’s over nope, we will be back for more online apps, I want to make my blog the one stop shop destination for the coolest Online Apps on the web. 🙂

  1. Morere says:

    Cool best-free-online-applications-and-services

  2. wiredl says:

    Love thesee apps.

  3. wren says:

    was looking for something like this for our new site,

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