The Best Undiscovered Website’s for Online Apps !! – Part 1

Posted: August 29, 2010 in All Categories, Apps, Software, Tech Encore, Web Services, widget

Online applications (also known as web applications or webware) are getting more popular, particularly when broadband Internet access has become more common and readily available to more users. With online applications and services, you do not need to download and install them into your computer for using them—you just need to open up a browser and access them online. So everybody know Google Spreadsheet, Yahoo mail, Flickr, Youtube, Gmail, Delicious, Facebook, Blogger etc, but here is the list of the less know best free online applications and services you can get on the web.


Doodle, is one of the Best Free Meeting Scheduler available today and a brilliant way to organize a meeting that suits everyone to get together to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or new job with a group of close friends and family, or to get together with a few colleagues.


ClockingIT, the Best Free Project Management Online tool to manage your projects with timelines and assigning tasks, view the overall progress with an interactive gantt chart and scheduling, run flexible reports or get notifications via email and more.


No one enjoys job hunting. From creating résumés to going on interviews, the entire process is a giant headache. CeeVee can help with the former. The site describes itself as “quick and painless résumé management,” which is, in fact, fairly apparent. CeeVee offer a customizable easy-to-use résumé template. Once you’re finished, the site will host it for perspective employers. You can also save it as a downloadable PDF or share it via Twitter and Facebook.


If you need help managing your finances, give a try. This Intuit-owned site lets you keep track of your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, and more, all in the same place. And best of all, the site is free to use, so it won’t cost you, well, a mint.


A site so good, Google went and bought it, Picnik is an online image editing, sharing, and storage site. It also integrates shopping, like letting you buy prints of your edited pics on merchandise. It’s free and easy to use; power users will find the extras worth the yearly price tag of $25 .


If you need quick access to instant messages from any browser, or you want full featured messaging as good as you’d get with desktop-based multi-protocol client software, then you go to Meebo. It’s that simple.


Don’t let the “collaborative whiteboard” description intimidate you-FlockDraw is no Google Wave. It’s a big blank canvas that you and your friends can draw on together in real-time, with different brushes, colors, and tools. We spent most of our session trying to out gross each other with pictures, but I’m sure there are some practical applications for FlockDraw, too.

ROC (Online Music Creator)


Got the skills to make beautiful music but lack the tools? Aviary, already home of some excellent online apps, wants to help with the new Roc music creator. It simulates lots of instruments and lets you create loops of melody that could be the beginning of some beautiful, customized music.


You want to share documents? Free or paid, individual or business, Box (which used to go by is the site to check out for using the cloud (read: the Internet) to store your stuff, secure your stuff, and share stuff with others. It has collaborative tools, file syncing, works with Google Docs, and you can access it on a smartphone.


If you want to have an online collaborative meeting, and you don’t want to install software or deal with Java apps, check out Web-based Dimdim. It might actually make a work meeting fun. Almost.


If you need to send someone a huge file or files (that amount to less than 100MB), drop it or them on You’ll get an URL to send out for easy downloading by others. You can password protect the file, and make sure it disappears in a day, a week, or a year. Upgrade and you can take even more control of your drops.


TinyChat as a quick-and-dirty way of setting up instant Web-based group chat. Now, if you’ve got cameras all around, up to 12 people can simultaneously broadcast to the group, as well. Isn’t that cool especially when it does it free.


Thinklinkr, is a great tool to organize ideas and information in outlines, and allow for multiple users to edit them in real time, with useful features including auto save, drag and drop, import and export, and a lot more.



LDOCE, an online version of the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, provides a quick search for a word or phrase, with widgets available for adding to your browser search bar, blog or personal website.

Stay Tuned for “Part – 2” next week, when I bring some more excellent websites which will treat you for free …

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