Best Ten Smart Phones to grab this Season ?…

Posted: August 1, 2010 in All Categories, Apps, Firmware, Gadgets, hardware, Smartphones, Software, Web Services

Summer of the smartphone as began again, the pace of smartphone innovation in the world has gone wild, and super-duper handheld computers are breaking out all over. While the iPhone vs. Google Android battle is clearly the headliner of the moment, there’s a lot of action in the under card as well. So here are the best 10 smartphones – for the moment – with every one a winner. What’s mind-boggling about this list is that it’s sure to change within weeks. New top-of-the-line Android phones from Samsung are coming, BlackBerry is teasing their new OS 6, and also been playing with prototypes of Windows Phone 7. So here are the best 10 smartphones to grab for the moment..

1) iPhone 4


The top smartphone is more smart than phone, but its reception problems don’t outweigh its excellent OS, sharp camera, fast processor, great app ecosystem and amazing screen.

2) Motorola Droid X


This Google Android-powered behemoth has a huge screen, great call quality, a fast processor and works as a Wi-Fi hotspot for all of your gadgets.



The first 4G, WiMax phone, the HTC EVO gives Sprint users fast connections and great Android power, at the cost of battery life.

4) Samsung Captivate


AT&T’s best non-iPhone is an Android super-phone with a brilliant screen and terrific media capabilities.

5) Samsung Vibrant


The Captivate’s sibling on T-Mobile is that carrier’s top smartphone, and its Super AMOLED screen must be seen to be believed.

6) HTC Droid Incredible


If the Droid X is too big for your hands, the Droid Incredible delivers almost the same amount of power in a much more comfortable form factor.

7) iPhone 3GS


Still on the market, the tried-and-true 3GS gives you access to 225,000 iOS applications on a platform that’s had a year to work out its kinks.

8) BlackBerry Bold 9700


The only phone on this list from the number-one smartphone maker, this is a solid, traditional choice for messaging maniacs.

9) Palm Pre Plus


Palm’s WebOS software is so much fun to use, glad to see that HP has promised to “double down” on the operating system that made this phone a star.

10) HTC HD2


Windows Mobile 6 makes a valedictory appearance on a gorgeous slab of high-end hardware, but all the megahertz in the world can’t cloak the fact that this operating system is old news.

So that was the list of the Best Ten Smart Phones to grab this Season…

  1. incom says:

    following you on twitter

  2. Salvatore Ferratella says:

    Iphone 4 rocks..

  3. matvimax says:

    I bought iPhone 4 last week, not so bad..

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