Top Five Free Data Recovery Software Review !!

Posted: July 18, 2010 in All Categories, Software, Web Services

Have you ever spent hours on a document only to have the power go out, discover that you failed to save your work and lose everything you’d worked on? Have you ever turned on your computer to find that a virus has wiped much of your hard drive clean? Perhaps you’ve even deleted an email out of your trash bin only to find that you desperately needed the information within it for work? All of these are very real problems and data recovery software is an equally real solution for all of them. So In today’s blog I will review the best 5 software that will help you restore your data that was deleted by mistake even from your recycle bin..

Data Recovery Tools

Data Recovery Tools

1) Recuva (Windows)

Number 1 on the list is “Recuva” a freeware utility that allows you to restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer. It not just restore your deleted files from the recyle bin but also your digital camera memory cards and MP3 players. The file-recovery wizard is handy when you’re sure your data is gone but you’re not quite sure where it went or how to get it back. The wizard lets you narrow your search type to pictures, music, documents, video, or all files, and you can set the search location to everywhere on your computer, removable media only, in My Documents, the Recycle Bin, or a specified location. If you don’t need the wizard you can jump right into manual mode and get to work searching where you know the file should be. Recuva uses a green/yellow/red light system to indicate how probable the recovery of your files will be, and when available, it can provide previews image files available for recovery. Recuva also includes a tool to securely wipe files you find, handy if you’re attempting a file recovery just to ensure the files are actually dead and gone.


Here are some of the key Features of this tool:

— Undelete files on your computer
— Recovery from damaged or formatted disks
— Recover deleted emails
— Recover deleted iPod music
— Restore unsaved Word documents
— Quick-Start Wizard
— Deep Scan to look for more deeply-buried results.
— Securely delete files you want to erase forever
— Portable version
— Full Windows OS and 37+ languages support

2) TestDisk (Windows/Mac/Linux)


TestDisk is a powerful open-source tool for recovering your data. Not only can TestDisk perform basic file recovery like undeleting accidentally deleted files from FAT, NTFS, and ext2 file systems, but it comes with a host of additional functionality. With TestDisk you can recover your boot sector from a backup, rebuild your boot sector, fix FAT tables, fix your MFT, locate the ext2/ext3 backup SuperBlock, copy deleted files from partitions to recovery media, and find lost partitions in dozens of formats to help you locate your lost data. It’s a command line tool, so there’s no GUI, but the menus and the documentation in the wiki should get you started without much trouble. Use Photorec program with Testdisk for maximum efficiency…


Here are some of the key Features of this tool:

— Fix partition table, recover deleted partition
— Recover FAT32 boot sector from its backup
— Rebuild FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 boot sector
— Fix FAT tables
— Rebuild NTFS boot sector
— Recover NTFS boot sector from its backup
— Fix MFT using MFT mirror
— Locate ext2/ext3 Backup SuperBlock
— Undelete files from FAT, NTFS and ext2 filesystem
— Copy files from deleted FAT, NTFS and ext2/ext3 partitions.

3) UndeleteMy Files (Windows)


UndeleteMyFiles is a free tool to recover accidentally deleted files from hard disks, USB flash drives, CF and SD cards and other storage media. UndeleteMyFiles is really a very quick and easy way to find and recover deleted mediain just 2 simply steps.

Here are some of the key Features of this tool:

— File Rescue
— Delete File Search
— Files Wiper
— Emergency Disk Image
— Supports hard drives and removable drives
— Includes several handy file utilities

4) FileRecovery Pro (Windows)


File Recovery is a safe and affordable do-it-yourself data recovery solution that is designed to recover lost and deleted files from all types of media such as hard drives, optical drives, flash media drives, and multi-media or mobile devices. File Recovery recovers files whether they have been deleted from the command line, from within an application, the file system, or removed from the recycle bin. In addition File Recovery recovers formatted or lost drives, drives with a severe logical file system damage, and can even reconstruct lost RAIDs!

Here are some of the key Features of this tool:

— Easy to use wizard driven interface
— Ability to scan all volumes in a local machine and build a directory tree of lost and deleted files
— Search lost and deleted files matching file name criteria
— Fast scanning engine allows the file list to be built quickly
— Easy to understand File Manager and typical Save File dialog
— Secure data recovery: FILERECOVERY® does not write on the drive it is scanning
— Saving data to any drive is possible, including network drives, removable media, etc.
— PC version supports compressed and encrypted files for Windows® NTFS

5) R-undelete (Windows)


Not totally free, but the demo free version runs fine with all features.. R-Undelete is an inexpensive and easy-to-use yet powerful file undelete solution for FAT and NTFS file systems. R-Undelete recovers files on any local disks recognized by the software. An additional file recovery algorithm increases file recovery quality. R-Undelete allows you to evaluate how the software recovers lost files. It is easy-to-use undelete solution for Windows OS users. This utility undelete lost files from FAT (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32), NTFS, NTFS5 (created or updated by Win2000/XP/2003) logical disks.

— Recovers NTFS compressed,encrypted files and alternative data streams
— Recognizes localized names
— Remote data recovery over network
— Recovers files on damaged or deleted partitions
— Damaged RAID reconstruction
— Dynamic disk support
— Standard Windows Explorer – style interface

You can also try, DT Utilities Digital Rescue / Data Recovery Wizard Disk Doctors Windows / Handy Recovery / ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro / Quick Recovery / GetDataBack / Restorer2000 Professional, but for some handy cost…

So the next time you see your important file getting deleted, don’t panic just use one of the tool above, you are back to normal !!

  1. chuck says:

    This is a really great website. The layout and design is very easy to navigate and the info is superb. Keep up the good work!!!!

  2. AdamPN says:

    Great post! 😀

  3. Scott says:

    gr8 post to read bt how did u ranked these softwares, i hav used Kernal for Fat and Ntfs and it worked like a charm for me
    Check it yourself and plz tell where would u like to rank it

  4. nfteknoloji says:

    All are best products, excellent posting..

  5. Ravi says:

    I usually follow my own way of rating software products, on a scale from 1 to 5 compared to other products in it’s class with my on personal judgement and experience, the top goes above. ALL S/W is downloaded, installed and tested by before they are listed here, so no junk…

    The following criteria are used when reviewing a program:

    Features and Performance (compared to competitive products)
    User Interface design and usability
    Ease of Use and Help Documentation
    Uniqueness and Innovation
    Pricing & Relevance
    Personal opinion

    Ravi Kanth

  6. TraKieu says:

    Very usefull info, my system keeps crashing, thanks for compiling this list..

  7. Maria Sizer says:

    There are the situation when your data has been lost due to power failure or other issue. Then you thing how we overcome such type of problem. Now in market there are so many software available its difficult to find out which one is the best.

    Thanks for the sharing!

  8. xjdleiaho says:

    Love the first one, I use it..

  9. MTS Recovery says:

    I am looking for purchasing this software.

  10. Iserva says:

    this blogs good, thanks

  11. unnikrishnan vh says:

    My ext HD crashed and it is not showing up in my computer or disk manager.but in device manger the harddisk is listed.

    please suggest a free software to recover in original directory structure.

    Data doctor recovery will recover in original directory structure but this is demo.

    please suggest any free software that work like data doctor recovery to recover the directory strucuture to retrieve my useful data?

  12. Ravi says:

    krishnan, there are multiple software to recover in original directory structure, did you try any of these:

    FileRecovery Pro (Windows)
    Diskinternals partition recovery it succeds to recover directory names.

    If you are saying Data doctor recovery worked and you are unable to afford it why not just download full version with the any torrents..

  13. Terence Howard says:

    What do you guys think of Horizon DataSys Rollback Rx? Is Rollback Rx good? How about the others? Acronis True Image.

  14. Hello, after reading this amazing post i am also delighted to
    share my knowledge here with mates.

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