Carry your XBox or PS3 wherever you Go !! Introducing GAEMS suitcase…

Posted: June 20, 2010 in Apps, Firmware, Gadgets, Gaming, hardware, Home Tech
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Today’s post is about a cool Gaming Solution for all those Xbox & PS3 fans, have u ever felt schlepping your Xbox 360 or Ps3 around in your carry-on is a hardly ideal solution for platinum-level frequent fliers. Not only does it take up a significant portion of your roller, but once you get where you’re going there’s no guarantee that your hotel’s wood-paneled tube will know what to do with your high-end gaming machine.. Enter the GAEMS Portable Console Gaming and Entertainment System !! Yeah..


This Portable Gaming Solution which carries not only an Xbox but also a 15-inch, 720p LCD in the lid, and speakers to boot. Flip open your console and you’re good to go, though I was wondering whether there’s room in there for the power brick too. I do know that your controllers will not fit, which seems like an unfortunate design choice if you ask me. The GAEMS suitcase ships sometime before the end of the year for around $250, and yes there are PS3 and new Xbox 360 versions coming too.. So what do you think !!

GAEMS Portable Gaming Suitcase

GAEMS Portable Gaming Suitcase

  1. That’s an amazing post. Thanks a lot

  2. nf teknoloji says:

    I love this, so gadget…

  3. James_l says:

    I will get this one, as soon as it is in the market..

  4. TopNews says:

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