Now Comes Google Chrome Tablet PC…

Posted: February 6, 2010 in All Categories, Apps, Firmware, hardware, Smartphones, Software
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Everyone is clamoring about tablets these days, then why not Google too, so it’s not too surprising that Google and HTC are set to join the fray. They are reportedly working together on a Chrome OS Google Tablet.


With this Apple’s high-profile iPad touchscreen tablet PC may face stiff competition from rivals such as Google, Sony and X2. Google having collaborated on the Nexus One, a smart phone that impressed us with its design as well as its hardware, HTC and Google partnering on a tablet seems like a promising prospect. But will it “compete head on” with Apple’s tablet ? 😉 who knows…

So let take a sneak peak at what it may look like, the developers behind Chromium OS – the open-source project that underpins Google’s Chrome mobile operating system – have revealed concept designs for a tablet PC running on Google Chrome.

The Google Chrome tablet concept designs showcases a range of touchscreen tablet PC features, including:

— A range of touch-screen keypad configurations, including a split keyboard with keys assigned to left and right hands
— Different methods of launching Google Chrome applications
— Tabs presented along the side of the screen of the Google Chrome interface
— Creating multiple Chrome web browsers on screen using a launcher

Also pictures of what a Google tablet might look like were featured at a Chromium developers web page this week along with talk of how touchscreen controls could work based on the Internet titan’s Chrome computer operating system. It primarily comprises shots highlighting the user interface (UI) of a tablet PC. It includes such possibilities as, “keyboard interaction with the screen: anchored, split, attached to focus,” “contextual actions triggered via dwell,” and “zooming UI for multiple tabs.” and primary targeted date for Chrome OS hardware is Q4 2010. Here are some snaps of the Google Tablet concept design…






It’s hard to foresee a future in which a Google Tablet tries to go head to head with Apple on the content level. That’s not to say, however, that there aren’t some compelling things that could be offered by a Google tablet. As the launch of Google’s Chrome OS made clear, they’re looking toward a future with a multitude of devices that can access the Internet quickly, cleanly, and cheaply. A Google Tablet could be just the thing to realize all of those goals. If you have tried out the JooJoo tablet, we can see how a well-designed tablet for consuming web content could provide an engaging experience. A Chrome OS tablet by Google would likely work the same way, keeping typing to a minimum and offering a literal hands-on web surfing experience. By far the consumer it’s a tough choice if one thinks of affording a tablet, my choice wait until there is a sync in the tablet world, there would be a better choice for ur need and multiple to choose from within ur budget…;)

  1. Good Blog post, liked it..

  2. Interesting new post. Even better than your previous ones IMHO 😉

  3. wettercx says:

    Will not buy ipAd but this are good development..

  4. Google features many not be as prominent as Apple ones bet me..

  5. Mate i Thik Your Site page is loading nd keeps on loading then show some error am using chrome is the problem with ma browser or your site ??

  6. Ravi says:

    Did quick trace and found the problem is with ur Google Chrome which is un-stable (even in my system ;)), the flash plugins have either crashed, so some of the flash images takes all its time to keep loading.. Works fine in IE and Firefox…

  7. Ravi says:

    I did further research and found this is a problem with everyone having chrome browser installed which is having lot of problems loading flash contents on the website, hence removed one of my flash widget… Should be all set now. Thanks…

  8. What’s interesting is that I’m sure some data is being tagged behind the scenes – for example, when you share something

  9. Ravi says:

    Thanks, Makes sense…

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  12. Adrian Mowrey says:

    None of them are worth if they don’t offer a Webcam along with the microphone…just like most laptops offer nowadays, even more so netbooks. People are so picky nowadays about those features…that’s the problem. iPad would’ve been the greatest if it had multitasking, support for flash and the Webcam. It has the microphone already. I would never want to buy one if it doesn’t have those features. I’m pretty sure they will come too with future releases. iPad doesn’t make any sense…in comparison with iPhone 4. It has audio-video capabilities, and iPad that is much more convenient (greater size where you can accomplish more, etc.) but with less features. It’s just stupid to me that they are thinking like that! I wish them luck, but I won’t buy any of them until they offer something like that. At the same time, I’d prefer the Google Chrome Tablet PC because I am a fan of Google and of the open-source projects. As a developer I’d like to get my hands dirty someday with one of those projects.

  13. Paul Muhlwa says:

    If you could integrate more speech to text applications to this it would make a much better sell especially for business clientele of which is the more important to market too. I think what has made products like windows exceptional has been their ease of use. I think this speech to text will be the next deciding factor in who dominates the market. If for instance the text speach wa hooked up to all functions of the device, as well as a method of allowing this usability to be shared with as many other gadgets such as tv, telephone, satellite or cable tv, stove, refrigirator, headphones. The more the function allows for ease of use of all other devices as well as intergration for all the devices to be controlled from one point then the better I think. Better still it could even be the basis for a better marketing campaign. Just a thought.

  14. Paul Muhlwa says:

    Also if the tablet could do more or offer more such as eventually being or in a manner of speaking replacing the office, or should I say becoming a mobile office then even better. Allowing a user to on the go have access to his office and monitor his office per say.. Nice addition…

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