Many of u may know about the ‘World Economic Forum’ an independent, not-for-profit foundation striving towards a world-class corporate governance system with a motto of ‘entrepreneurship in the global public interest’… Wait a minute !! What does it have to do with Tech ? If that’s ur question, read the rest.


Every year, World Economic Forum (WEF) identifies technology companies whose innovations will have a critical impact on the future of business and society. These companies are some of the most innovative startups from around the world and are normally in their first rounds of financing. This year too World Economic Forum awarded many companies who it thinks have the potential of significantly disrupting the way business and society operate. So maybe that picture fits now to my tech theme, so let’s take a look at over the top 10 Technology Pioneers of 2010 and the impact it as on the future of business and society. At first look it may not sound that meaningful but if u are a net freak and have a buzz on how new tech is shaping the way we see and do things everyday, this makes a good list and a right place to be in my blog 🙂



Twitter is a privately funded startup with offices in the SoMA neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. Started as a side project in March of 2006, Twitter has grown into a real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices. In countries all around the world, people follow the sources most relevant to them and access information via Twitter as it happens-from breaking world news to updates from friends



Ushahidi, which means “testimony” in Swahili, is a website that was initially developed to map reports of violence in Kenya after the post-election fallout at the beginning of 2008.

Ushahidi’s roots are in the collaboration of Kenyan citizen journalists during a time of crisis. The website was used to map incidents of violence and peace efforts throughout the country based on reports submitted via the Web and mobile phone. This initial deployment of Ushahidi had 45,000 users in Kenya, and was the catalyst for us realising there was a need for a platform based on it, which could be use by others around the world.

    StreamBase Systems


StreamBase Systems, the leader in high performance Complex Event Processing (CEP), provides software for rapidly building systems that analyse and act on real-time streaming data for instantaneous decision-making. StreamBase has developed a new class of software that enables organisations to quickly develop and deploy real-time applications that can generate millions of dollars in new profits and are deployed at a fraction of the cost and risk of alternatives.



Playfish leads the social gaming industry in innovation and creativity with award-winning, category-defining games designed for friends to play together. To date, more than 150 million Playfish games have been installed and played by millions of people worldwide on platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, Google, Bebo, iPhone and Android.



Innovid is a provider of In-Video Advertising solutions for online advertisers, publishers and content producers. The company’s In-Video platform combines the marketing value of product placement, which is enjoying a 30 per cent growth rate this decade in all electronic media, with the interactivity only possible on the Internet.



Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Amobee is the first company to deliver a unified, telco-grade system for funding mobile content and communications through advertising revenues. The company has launched a new media system for ad-funding the entire mobile content and communication business.



Dilithium is the global provider of mobile video infrastructure solutions enabling multimedia services from any network to any device. The company’s hardware, software, and service solutions are used by many of the world’s largest service providers and content companies to create and distribute multimedia solutions that are changing the way people communicate.



CollabNet is the leader in application lifecycle management (ALM) platforms for distributed software development teams. CollabNet TeamForge is the industry’s most open ALM platform, supporting every environment, methodology, and technology.



amiando is the leading tool for online event organisation in Europe. Its platform serves over 70,000 events worldwide with products such as amiando Eventsites, amiando ViralTickets, amiando EasyEntry or amiando EventSense.



RingCentral provides cloud computing-based business phone systems. The company delivers on-demand phone systems that are designed for the modern mobile and distributed business world, at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, RingCentral is privately held with backing from Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures and DAG Ventures.

Disclaimer: All logos are trademark of their respective companies…

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