Unveiling Apple iPad: Steve Jobs Keynote Jan 27 2010

Posted: January 28, 2010 in All Categories, Apps, Firmware, hardware, Smartphones, Software, Tech Encore
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As i blogged earlier of the upcoming Apple iSlate, and now here it is official Apple PC tablet but the name is iPad 🙂 I am posting the exclusive videos of Unveiling Apple iPad: Steve Jobs Keynote Jan 27 2010

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

What do you think, another giant iPhone for your pocket or did macbook mate with iphone and then boom this iPad 🙂 let me know and yeah did i tell you it starts at $499 (lacks OLED, Flash, USP, GPS, Multitasking, keyboard, HDMI Input, Camera and even Verizon ;)) and will begin shipping in two months…

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  2. Lots of of bloggers are not too pleased with this new iPad.There was too much hoopla over it and alot people got turned off.Thing is, I actually see some of the cool potential of this device. Third-party apps for making music, games, newsprints and magazine and FFS books, all kinds of awesome stuff, but they failed to sell it right (aside from the books). It looks kind of unfinished

  3. I saw something about this on TV last night

  4. Ravi says:


    Yeah, People are now terming iPad for -> FailPad / iTampon ;). also the reviews across the tech bloggers space and the ratings for the new iPad is poor…

    Steve’s highlights here were really not to the mark: “It has Internet, you can listen to music, it has a virtual keyboard. OH REALLY ? what touchscreen device doesn’t ?… People were really disappointed by this… They got lazy with it and are just trying to push a new product that’s substandard… They should’ve worked hard on making a highly modified Snow Leopard instead of going cheap with a bigger iPhone… No USB, DVD drives, flash, cam, just adds to its nightmare..

    Even if you look at it as a e-reader the iPad doesn’t use e-ink tech, so using the iPad as an e-reader is fail. The Sony Reader and Kindle both use e-ink display, which definitely makes reading long passages from a screen easier.

    The iPad is also 3x heavier and 30% thicker than most e-readers. Anyone thinking the iPad is even a passable e-reader is totally lying to themselves.

  5. Reeder says:

    I am all in all looking to watch for the iPad from Apple, and I am excited to see what sorts of gamez and applications will be developed for it. I just don’t get the point some of the nitpicky criticisms in this blog.

  6. Ravi says:

    Dear Mr Reeder,

    If recent gadget history is a guide, consumers considering Apple’s new iPad won’t focus so much on the product specs — the big screen, fast processor, long battery life and the like.

    They’ll look instead at what the product can do.
    And to find out, they’ll turn to its lineup of apps — those cheap, downloadable programs that run on mobile phones and other gadgets. “The reason why people buy an iPhone is because there are 140,000 apps and you can change your iPhone into anything you want,”

    At the iPad’s unveiling last week CEO Steve Jobs went to great lengths to say how robust the iPad’s app “ecosystem” will be. He said app developers will encounter a “gold rush” of opportunities if they develop programs for the device.

    He showed off a new suite of $9.99 iWork apps for constructing spreadsheets, creating presentations and designing document layouts.

    The turtleneck-clad Jobs also trotted out game developers such as Travis Boatman, who said Electronic Arts, where he is a vice president, will redesign its games to be cooler, faster and, above all, bigger on the iPad’s 10-inch screen.
    “It’s a little bit like holding a hi-def television just inches from your face,” referring to gaming on the new device.

    But not everyone is sure the iPad will see the same flood of app-development that followed the releases of the iPhone and iPod Touch, two pocket-size devices known for accessing the world’s largest database of mobile applications, Apple’s App Store. Also absence of flash and other simple net capabilities shows Apple’s head honcho Steve Jobs does not have nice things to say about rival giants Adobe and Google. I an long term its nothing more than one and only apple ruling in this space, cutting out competitions and selling peanuts for the cost of diamonds…

    Also iPad apps are likely to be more expensive — in the range of $4 for an average iPad app instead of $1.90 for apps on the iPhone. So simply speaking iPad apps as likely it is to be bigger it will be pricier and would rather do anything special then one on ur iphone.. If you can afford it’s ur wish, Thanks for ur comment..

  7. Boyd Skoff says:

    Good show…but iPad may not be as hit as iPhone did

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  9. m not so certain, as everybody else is, that this necessarily kills the Kindle right away. Itll actually create anyone considering shopping for a Kindle hold off until the iPad is released. But Apple solely indicated that the battery life would be ten hours, and didnt say whether or not itd be to any extent further if youre just using it to scan iBooks. To me, the actual fact that you’ll be able to go a whole week without eager to charge your Kindle is its massive selling point, and what makes it higher for travel. I can hang on to mine for now however Ill have an interest to see.

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    iPad will be just awesome.. I wonder if this will replace all those heavy college text books.

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  16. Seema Ferenc says:

    I never would have imagined that I needed to know all this. I DID need to know this! Thank goodness for Bing.

  17. Marcus Schoenle says:

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  18. Ravi says:

    This should be set now..

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