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Posted: December 6, 2009 in All Categories, Software, Web Hosting
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Ever wondered which are the most riskiest Web domains you may not want to visit? Domains which host (or are rather used to host) maximum malware or codes that can launch a virus, phising or a botnet attack on your PC ? As per the recent research from a leading Security agency here’s the top riskiest Web domains you may want to know and be aware of who knows you may be a victim of the same ;( (


    1) Cameroon (.cm)

Topping the list is Africa’s Cameroon (.cm) which has overthrown Hong Kong (.hk) as the Web’s riskiest domain. Entering for the first time in the list, Cameroon, a small African country that borders Nigeria, jumped to the number one spot this year with 36.7% of the .cm domain posing a security risk.

According to the report, because the domain .cm is a common typo for .com, many cyber criminals set up fake typo-squatting sites that lead to malicious downloads, spyware, adware and other potentially unwanted programmes. Last year’s riskiest domain, Hong Kong (.hk) dropped to 34th place with a risk rating of only 1.1%.

    2) Samoa (.ws)

Samoa (.ws) Domains with an overall risk percentage of 17.8%. Last year the domain posed a security risk of 3.8%. The report rates Samoan-registered domains risky primarily for their phishing and malicious download activity. Among country domains, the People’s Republic of China (.cn) and Samoa (.ws) have remained in the top 5 riskiest domains since last year.

    3) Information (.info)

The information (.info) domain is the most “spammy,” domain with 17.2% of its sites generating junk mail.

The domain has an overall risk of 15.8%, as compared to 11.7% in 2008. The risk associated with .info registered domains is largely spam related.

    4) Philippines (.ph)

This domain has an overall risk level of 13.1%, compared to 7.7% last year. Philippines (.ph) registered sites are more similar to China than Samoa, with risk weighted towards spam and phishing than related to downloads.

    5) Former Soviet Union (.su)

This domain poses a security risk of 5.2%. The report says risky registrations using the former Soviet Union (.SU) domain are evenly distributed between phishing and risky download activity.

    5) Russia (.ru)

Russia (.ru) domains asan overall risk percentage of 4.6%. Last year, the domain posed a security risk of 6%.
Russian (.RU) registered site risk is distributed in a roughly 3:2:1 ratio for malicious downloads, phishing and spam.

    6) Singapore (.sg)

The .sg domain has an overall risk of 4.6%, compared to 0.3% last year. According to the report, Singapore (.sg) registered sites were evenly distributed between spam and download activity.

The ratio’s calculated here are based on the global share of malware or codes, virus, phising or a botnet attack generated this year, no offence to any country or existing domain Holders, my sincere Disclaimer 🙂


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