What is Google Chrome OS? Just 5 minutes Video ?

Posted: November 22, 2009 in All Categories, Firmware, Software, Tech Encore, User Interface Design
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Google-Microsoft rivalry has just got fiercer, hmmm not a new news 😉 Anywaz search giant Google is once again ready to take on Microsoft with its new O.S. The company showed off its Google Chrome OS, saying that the lower-end PCs called Netbooks will include it in the second half of 2010. So this time instead of blah blah on my blog that you may not read or flee away, I just wanted to show you what the Google Chrome OS is all about with just these 2 videos about 5 min of your time guys, So no more talking lets get watching, post ur comments even if you hate it 🙂 I will post as time advances on what the heck is Google doing to so called O.S


  1. VpnVerafree says:

    Google Chrome,,nah…

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