The Holy Grail of User Interface Design..

Posted: February 18, 2009 in All Categories, User Interface Design
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I recieved this drawing yesterday from one of my friend a perfect example of Business Application User Interface Design and Complexities and one topic I love to comment on always ..

Striving for Simplicity


Though most applications provide flexibility and simplicity simultaneously; a feat that’s difficult and often expensive to accomplish because it fights the natural tendency towards complexity. Ultimately this will be the combination which is the holy grail of every UI design…

When we perfrom multiple usability/system analysis on various business applications we end up writing multiple reports which should probably include the diagram shown above . It defnitely crystallizes the reason why multiple applications we use gets a bad rap they are often more complex to use, even if it quantifies the business purpose and also significantly more difficult to train them on than many other commercial applications. Applications aren’t exactly the same as as Ipod and search engines but we can certainly learn from mimimal and applicable UI’s we ease the burden on our users in many perspectives which we can adopt in every application we develop irrespective of domains…

It is hard for some people to believe that their users do not want to see everything at one time and that they do not know everything they know, which would be required to navigate the really really complex applications built, now I wonder why some applications gain priority than other with these simple thoughts on UI even though both achieve the same business purpose for what they were built for…

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